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Featured Magazine Articles Compiled for Bigfoot Encounters

(A 16-year collection of approximately 4,250 bigfoot related newspaper and magazine
articles listed on this page
) - last updated September 2012

1st PGF Blurb: Times-Standard Eureka, CA
Abominable Snowman Truth by Ben Radford
Abominable Showman
Abominable Snowman 1956
Alaska Magazine, Sept 1998

Alien, UFO connection plagues Vancouver Symposium 1999
Arguing insues at the Vancouver Symposium 1999
Antelope Valley Ledger Gazette 1973
Grumley CBFO
Ape Cave, 1985
Apelike Monsters
Archaeologist Digs for Proof...2007
Argosy Magazine, February 1968
Argosy Magazine, Wisconsin
Argosy Magazine, April 1968
Argosy Magazine, April 1969
Argosy Magazine, May 1969 (Frank Hansen)
Argosy Magazine, February 1971
Argosy Magazine, December 1977
Ask a Skeptical Scientist meeting 2009
Aussie News, April 2009
Australian Rex Gilroy hunts for the Yowie 2012
BBC Wildlife Magazine, 1986
BBC Online "So Weird"
Beckjord, Jon Erik obituary 2008
Beelart, Joe writes on the 2011 OSS
Better that Bigfoot Doesn't Exist...2009
Believers and Skeptics Grover Krantz
Bigfoot, A Joke?
Bigfoot Authority takes on Park Disappearances
Bigfoot Data Promising Harrison Hot Springs
Bigfoot Did NOT Die - J.Green response
BIGFOOT DNA STUDIES November 2012 release
Bigfoot by Jim Gilchrist
Bigfoot, A Contemporary Belief
Bigfoot DNA, Ohio
Bigfoot and Betty Allen by Don Davis
Bigfoot, more Betty Allen Articles 1958
Bigfoot by Robert Sullivan
Bigfoot Exhibit, Willow Crk, CA
Bigfoot: Fact or Fable Article
Bigfoot Genome (DNA) November 26, 2012 new
Bigfoot in New Jersey 2012 new
Bigfoot Museum in Felton, California 2010
Bigfoot Museum in Felton in tax trouble 2012
Bigfoot photos amaze experts 1983 (faked photos)
Bigfoot The Reality by Benjamin Radford
Bigfoot Rendezvous article
Biology Meets Bigfoot Ohio University 2006
Bluff Creek Road Crew see Big Foot 1958
Bob Titmus 1977 article
Bob TItmus exposed as a fraud
Bringsli, John & Sasquatch Lake BC
Brunei Bigfoot Prints found September 2006
Bryan Sykes, Dr. Yeti-Sasquatch DNA 2012
Bugle Magazine December 2002
Cal-Berkeley Bigfoot display 2008
Dahinden, Krantz, Joel Hardin argue over Freeman tracks '83
Daniel Perez 2007 article
Daris Swindler, obituary 2007
Denver Post by Theo Stein 2001
Discover Magazine, Sept 1998
Discover Magazine, Nov 1998
Discover Magazine, Sept 1999
Do Sasquatch Exist? 2010
Dog man, the Legend Grows
Deaded Wild Man of Harrison Mills BC 1934
DNA sequenced new
Dysfuntion of the Bigfoot Community
Experts say Bigfoot is real 2000
Falcon Project, The 2010
Falcon Project announced by Grass Valley Man
Fate Magazine, October 2004
Sasquatch language?
Fate Magazine, August 2005
Fate Magazine, August 2002
Fate Magazine, March 2002
Fate Magazine, April 2002
Fate Magazine, March 2003
Fate Magazine, July 2005
Field and Stream, Jan 2000
Fingerprint Whorld 1985
First Patterson Film article 1967 Times Herald & photo
Fortean Times January 2005
Fortean Times, January 2000
Fortean Times, The Koolookamba
Fortean Times, Wisconsin Bigfoot
Fortean Times, Myakka Skunk Ape

Fortean Times, November 2001
Fortean Times, December 2001
Fortean Times, June 1998
Fortean Times, Werewolves
Dr. Brian Regal
Fortean Times B. Heuvelmans Tribute
Fresno Bee, The 1932
more on Harrison Hot Springs
Fresno Bee 1958
Jerry Crew's 16-inch cast earliest recording
Ghillie suit man killed in Montana August 2012
Grover Krantz & Clyde
at the Smithsonian 2006
Harrison Hot Springs Forum 1996
Harrison 1934 Mrs. James Caufield story
Hausman, Dr. Leon yeti article 2006
Houston Post Pacific Exped. 1960 Tom Slick, Titmus etc
Hunting the illusive sasquatch 2008
Iceman, John Napier's take on the iceman
Iceman Or Murder
Iceman Update 2005 by D. Bayanov
Info Journal, 1995

Insight On the News, 1997
Intermembral Index (IM) A Review
Is Sasquatch out there? Adrian Erickson Project
Ivan Marx, Remembering Ivan Marx 1998 w/photos
Jimmy Chilcutt 2000 article
Jimmy Chilcutt - Chester Moore 2003
John Active, Alaska's storyteller 1993
John Green celebrates 50 years 2011
John Green buys "Canadian Rights" to 30 sec. of PatFilm JSTOR, Tibetan & Mongolian Snowmen
Laverty, Robt. Lyle confirmed Sec of the Interior 2007
Little People 2010
Little People, haired ones, spirit beings 2010
Looking for Mr. Bigfoot 2000
Los Angeles Times Article 1996
Malasian Hunt for Bigfoot
MacLean's Magazine -
MacLean's Magazine Bushman article 2003
Magraner, Jordi "Man of the Chitral"
Manitoba professor doubts videotape 2005
Meet The Sasquatch, 1969 J.Green
MonsterQuest Cancelled 2010
MonsterQuest looks at Bigfoot
Myth or not, Bigfoot is a story with legs

New Zealand Herald, 1997 - Loofs-Wissowa
New Yeti footprints stoke mystery in Nepal
New York State - Illegal to shoot Sasquatch 2012 new
North American Cultures
$100,000 for Bigfoot Tracks Offered
Out of Israel or Out of Africa? 400,000 teeth found
On the Trail of the Sasquatch
Opinion Journal, Wall St. Journal

Pacific Northwest Magazine

Patterson's Polygraph
Patterson, an early article 1966
Patterson - Grand Larceny charge Dec 2, 1967
Patterson's horse fell...
Paul Freeman
Peter Byrne exposes Ivan Marx Film 1971
Peter Byrne exposes hoaxer Bob Titmus
Peter Byrne exposes Loren Coleman as a thief
Peter Byrne article by Mcdermott 1996
Green vs Byrne
Peter Byrne article 1995 "On the track of BF"
Philip Morris Costume hoax article?
Probe the Unknown, Ken Coon article

Province, The (Suquamish, WA 2000)
Province, Oct 25, 1967 UBC showing of the Patterson film
Pursuit, April 1970
Pursuit, June 1968
Ramona Clark Hibner & Florida issues...2009
Reader's Digest Article, 1969
Red Bluff Daily News 1970 Buckley & McClarin
Rene Dahinden, his trail ends...2001
Rick Dyer, Matt Whitton, Tom Biscardi Freezer Hoax 2008
Ron Olson/ANE Story, 1973
Russia, Pravda 2001
Russia, Pravda 2002
Russian Snowman Day declared 2011
Russian hairs not yeti, not Russian Wildman in 2013 new
Russia, southwestern Siberia 2009
Saga Magazine, July 1970 - Hansen
Saga Magazine, December 1973
Saga Magazine, March 1975
San Francisco Chronicle 2008 - 53 seconds
San Francisco Chronicle 1965
Sanderson on Heuvelmans & the Iceman
San Diego Reader article: "Death Alley 2010
Sasq'ets, Don't tease the
Sasquatch, a descendant of Esau?
Sasquatch, Yeti and Similar Beings
Science Frontiers Responds to Denver Post
Sci Frontiers, A Colorado Researcher Responds
Scientific American
Seattle Magazine: Sasquatch
Seattle Magazine: 1970 Halpin
Seattle Times 199, DeAtley, Patterson & Gimlin
Siberia Conference 2011
Skeptical Briefs June 2003
Skeptical Inquirer, 2004,
Skeptical Inquirer's article, Response
Skeptical Inquirer, 1994 Track Evidence
Skeptical Inquirer, 1997 New Evidence?
Skeptical Inquirer, 1999
Skeptical Inquirer, 1999
Skeptical Inquirer, 2001
Skeptical Inquirer, March 2002,
Skookum Hokum - BFT's May 2007
Skookum Cast Hair determination Dr.'s Fish & Fahrengach Skookum Cast article ISU press 2000
Skookum Cast, research continues, Sept 2000
Sleeping Sasquatch "Matilda" Opinion 2013 new
Smithsonian Magazine Article 2001
Smithsonian Magazine January 1974
Special Message from John Green Dec. 2002 article May 2007
Sports Afield Magazine, 1957
Stag Magazine 1956
Standing Rock Sioux Res South Dakota
Stalking the Sasquatch, 1993
Steenburg puts his 4x4 over the cliff...
Strange Magazine 14
Strange Magazine's $10k BF photograph 1993
Strange Magazine, 1992 Bigfoot's Lair
Students out to bag legendary sasquatch 1934
TBRC Conference 2005 Houston Chronicle
The Endangered Sasquatch (Warren L. Cook)
The Times-Standard October 21, 1967
Patterson 1st article, 9-inch-track
Tom Slick hunts snowman with dogs 1956
Tom Slick forms the California Expedition 1960
Tracking Bigfoot (UK article) March 1, 2006
Traditional Attitudes Toward Bigfoot in Many
True Frontier Magazine 1975 article
True Magazine, 1959
True Magazine, 1960
True Magazine, 1961
U.S. News & World Report January 25, 1999
Up From The Apes (Time magazine)
Valentin Sapanov Russian Scientist makes claims...
Washington State photo track imprint 1975
Washington Magazine 1988
Washington, Kitsap Sun article November 2006

Weekend Magazine, 1975
Werewolves 'n Bigfoot, the confusion
Werewolves by Dr. Brian Regal
Wildmen Of California
Willow Creek BF statue dedicated (Jim McClarin, 1967)
Willow Creek BF statue: Jim McClarin's story
Willow Creek, Times Standard: Jim McClarin carving 1968
Yowies - Fact or Fiction?
Zana, The Story of
Zana, "The Zana Affair" by Ray Crowe 2010
Zana, Almas and other Russian Wildmen 2009
Yakimans claim sasquatch exists October 1967
Yakima dot com article June 2012 by Sandberry
Yakima dot com article June 2012 by Sandberry
Yakima dot com article June 2012 by Sandberry
Yeti, Bhutanese yeti sketch June 2008
Yeti finger analyzed Dec 2011
Yeti Project: Footprints Found - Takahashi 2008
Yeti Project (more articles from Japan) 2008
Yeti Photo '08

Yeti Photograph sells at Christie's auction 2007
Yeti footprint, Mt. Everest Khumbu region 2007
Yeti-hand replica returned to Pangboche, Nepal

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Bigfoot Newspaper Articles... more by region

Alabama, Ft. Mitchell, Columbus
Alberta, Canada 2007, The Edmonton Journal
A long, long look at a Bigfoot!
Alan Landsburg's Manbeasts Movie
Alaska, Anchorage 1993 SFChronicle
Alaska's Bigfoot 2005
Alaska, Abbreviated Sightings
Alaska, Many Names
Alaska Hairy-Men
Alaska, Iliamna Sasquatch 1978 article
Alaska Papers Join the Hunt For Hairy Man
Arizona, WhiteRiver Article 2006
Arizona, Fort Apache November 2006
Arkansas, 1851
Arkansas, Fouke Texarkana Daily News
Arkansas, Fouke Monster The Gazette
Arkansas, Fouke, Nonbeliever sees...
Arkansas Fouke Monster/Bigfoot
Arkansas, Sevier County
Ape-Man Unearthed
Amazon Primatologist
Australia, Ray Crowe's trip... 2006
A Whistling Sasquatch
Baffling Bigfoot Unites Believers
Bearpaw Meadows, Kern River Valley, CA
Bellevue Eastside Journal Newspaper
Bernard Heuvelmans Obituary
Bigfoot's Big Feat: New Life April 2003
Bigfoot and the FBI
Bigfoot & Werewolves Q&A
Bigfoot Revelations June 2004
Bigfoot of Bridgewater, Hockomock
Bigfoot in Granite Falls, WA.
Bigfoot Sighted in Granite Falls, WA -2
Bigfoot Conference in Ohio, 3/6/98
Bigfoot On Prowl in Canadian North 2001
Bigfoot an Ape? Maybe not
Bigfoot Down Under
Bigfoot Down-Under, Yowies
Bigfoot With a Baby?
wild child with sasquatch family?
Bigfoot by Robert Sullivan
Bigfoot Legends
Bigfoot loose in Northern Ontario?
Bigfoot Merely Amuses Most Scientists
Bigfoot Museum Grand Opening May 2000
Bigfoot Obsession
Bigfoot Picking Violets
Bigfoot Trap
Bindernagel, Ph.D., Dr. John
Bindernagel, Ph.D., Dr. John 2
Bindernagel, Dr. John looking for BF
Bindernagel, Dr. John "Bigfoot Lives..." 2008
Biscardi Files Law Suit, July 2006
Bossburg, The Story
Braving Bigfoot
California, Bluff Creek 17-inch track, early days
California, Bluff Creek, Betty Allen article
California, Clover Mtn Tracks Apr 2005
California, Del Norte County Sept 2005
California, Del Norte County
California, San Mato Daily Journal 2004
California, Eureka
California, Fresno (Raygosa) October 2007
California, Garberville 2010
California, Hayfork
California, Hayfork- 2
California, Humboldt County
California, Klamath 1992
California, Los Angeles Review 12/02
California, Marysville Plumas National Forest 2007
California, Orange County 1977 (Guttilla)
California, Ranchita, San Diego County October 2007
California, Record-Searchlight April 2005
California, Riverside Press-Enterprise
California, Sacramento Bee Willow Crk Article
California, Sacramento, Antelope 1879
California, Sawyers Bar
California, San Diego Cnty Ramona, 2002
California, San Diego Union Tribune 1999
California, San Diego, Proctor Valley '03
California, San Diego County Julian
California, San Francisco Chronicle
California, San Francisco Chronicle,1995
California, San Jose Mercury News
California, Santa Clarita Valley 1974
California, Shasta County 1976
California, Shasta, additional article
California, Shasta-Trinity
California, Sierraville, Sierra Cnty 1987
California, Tom Morris
California, Taylorsville
California, Trinity
California, Tuolumne County Stanislaus Nat'l Forest 2008
California, Warner Ranch, San Diego Cnty
California, Weitchpec 1958
California, Willits, Mendocino County October 2008
California, Willow Creek Museum
California, Woodland
California, Yolla Bolly-Middle Eel Wilderness
Canadian Bus Driver Hoax
Canada, B.C. 1935 lost race of wildmen
Canada, B.C. 1907 Bishop's Cove
Clam digging scares
Canada, Lemmon Creek (Bringsli)
Canada, B.C. Merritt Televsion interview 2007
Canada, B.C. "The Battle to Find Bigfoot" 2012
Canada, Peawanuck Ontario
Canada, Calgary, Alberta 2007
Canada, Cranbrook B.C. May 2007
Canada, B.C. Sasquatch Search Jan. 2006
Canada, B.C. "The Chase" Myles & Miller 2009
Canada, B.C. The Giants of Laidlaw 1950
Canada, B.C., 1976 Sasquatch Hunt
Canada, B.C., The Kootenays 1993
Canada, B.C., Nanaimo Bindernagel article March 2007
Canada, B.C. - The Peak
Canada, B.C. The Globe and Mail - January 2006
Canada, B.C. -Vancouver Island 2004
Canada, B.C. - The Vancouver Sun
Canada, B.C. The Vancouver Sun 1957
Canada, B.C.,Spuzzum 1997 Mike McDonald encounter
Canada, B.C., Port Alberni Nov 2002
Canada, B.C., Vancouver article 2008
Canada, B.C. Mowglis 1905
Canada, Bute Inlet 1973
3 fisherman see 10ft tall Bigfoot
Canada, Cowichan Lake, 1905 Daily Colonist
Canada, Cowichan Duncan June 11, 2003
Canada, Edmonton AB Vic Juba 2007
Canada, First Nation Perspective 2005
Canada, Hudson Bay Weenusk First Nation sighting
Canada, Local SRI Trio Hunt Sasquatch 2005
Canada, Manitoba Footage April 2005
Canada, Manitoba Woman in the news 2007
Canada, New Brunswick - Skiff Lake 2008
Canada, Ontario, -Massive Tracks
Canada, Ontario, Peawanuck
Canada, Ontario, Peawanuck 2002
Canada, Ontario, Ottawa, Pembroke 1883
Canada, Canadian Postage Stamp plus article
Canada, Port Alberni Valley Times 2002
Canada, Prettis Island Wildman 1883
Canada, Red Deer Alberta-Sunchild Reservation 2010
Canada, Saskatchewan article 2006

Canada, Saskatchewan Woman sees Sasquatch Dec. 2006
Canada, Saskatchewan, Torch Lake sighting 2006
Canada, Saskatchewan, Prince Albert - Article 2
Canada, Saskatchewan, Prince Albert -mistysen
Canada, Terrace British Columbia Sept 2008
Canada, Terrace & Houston British Columbia 2008
Canada, The Sasquatch Highway 2003
Canada, Squamish November 2002
Canada, B.C. Valdes Island mowglis 1905

Canada, The Vancouver Sun
Canada, Vancouver Fisherman see Sasquatch 1973
Canada, Vancouver 1941 - J.W, Burns
Canada, Weenusk First Nation Cree sighting
Canada, Winnipeg 2011
Cnews: John Bindernagel
CNN - News Briefs
Charlie Edson excerpt
Colorado, Denver Post, Theo Stein #1
Colorado, Denver Post, Theo Stein #2
Colorado, Eagle (MonsterQuest crew) 2008
Colorado, Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range Sept. 2006
Colorado, Table Mountain
Connecticut, The Winsted Wildman
Connecticut, Winsted Wildman the truth about
Coon, Dr. Carleton, "Why Sasquatch?"
Dave Paulides, author "The Hoopa Project" 2008
Daniel Perez, Bigfoot Investigator
deLoy's Ape, Didi, Vasitri & Mono Grande
Deseret News Archives, 1997
Esau, Is Bigfoot a Descendant?
Florida, Everglades tape
Florida, The Bradenton Herald 2002
Florida, Diane Stocking
Florida Everglades Bigfoot
Florida, Green Swamp Area 2004
Florida's Hairy Ape
Florida, Hernando County 1974

Florida, In Search of the Skunk Ape 1997
Florida, Ochopee: See Skunk Ape Stories
Florida, Ochopee: Shealy's Skunk Ape BS
Florida, Protective Bill, Skunk Ape
Florida, Skunk Ape
Florida, Skunk Ape 2
Florida, Ocala Nat'l Forest
Florida, Ochopee 2005 Naples Daily News
Florida, Lake County 1980
Florida, Ocala Nat'l Forest 2
Florida, Ocala news article 1977
Florida, Salt Springs
Florida, Lee County 1977
Florida, Marion County
Florida's Monster August 2005
Florida, Myakka's Wily Skunk Ape 2002
Florida, Robert W. Morgan's Bigfoot Hunt 1970
Florida, Skunk Ape is Skunked 2003
Florida, Valdosta 2010
Freeman, Paul Obituary by Vance Orchard April 2003
Freitas, John - Bigfoot Callers
Georgia Bigfoot Conference in Dahlonega 2013 new
Georgia, "Bigfoot in the CSRA?"
Georgia's Swamp Ape
Georgia, Decatur
Georgia, Clayton County BF Body claim by Police 2008
Georgia, Coweta County 2005
Georgia, Coweta County 2006
Georgia, Jones County 1889
Georgia, Walker County 1880
Georgia, Valdosta 2010
Hairy Giants of Laidlaw, 1950
Hominid Find 2001
How Stuff Works
Hunt for Bigfoot Attracts True Believers
Idaho, "Bigfoot in Idaho"
Idaho, Bonner County track cast 2012 new
Idaho, Dr. Jeff Meldrum
Idaho, Lapwai, Nez Perce County 1992
Idaho, Lewiston Tribune 1992
Idaho, Pocatello Bigfoot Rendezvous W/photo 2006
Idaho, Pocatello Bring Back Bigfoot - July 2006
Idaho, Pocatello Bigfoot Rendezvous 2006
Idaho, Pocatello, Professor Criticized 2006
Idaho, Pocatello Professor Puts Stamp on Bigfoot 2006
Idaho State University Press Release, 2000
Idaho State University Interview 2002
Idaho, Spaulding 1992
Idaho, Tom Akren
Illinois, Funks Grove 2006
Illinois, Murphsboro
Illinois, Chicago Tribune 1993
Illinois, Chicago Tribune 1995 re: Peter Byrne
Illinois, Tazewell County Sightings 1970's
Indiana, Boonville 1937
Indiana, Hardin Ridge 2002
Indiana, Martin County
Indiana - North Webster August 2005
Indiana, article on Larry Battson 2008
Indiana, Vincennes October 6, 1981
Indiana, Vincennes 1981
Indiana, Knox County 1982
Iowa, Ottosen
Iowa, Des Moines 1977
Iowa, Des Moines 2004
Iowa, Fairfield, Jefferson County March 2009
Invisible Sasquatch, The
Kentucky - 2
Kentucky, Grant County
Kentucky, Mason County '80
Kentucky Wild Man
Grover Krantz
Grover Krantz - 2
Krantz, Dr. Grover 1931 - 2002
Krantz, Dr. Grover Obit Seattle Times
Krantz, Dr. Grover Post-Intelligencer
Krantz, Dr. Grover L.A. Times Obit.
Krantz, The Legacy Los Angeles Times
Larry Battson
Legend Of Boggy Creek -Movie Review
Lizard Man 2, The
Lizard Man, Remember The?
Louisiana, Zwolle
Louisiana, Alexandria, Pineville
Louisiana, Cotton Island Rapides Parish 2000
Napier's 'take' on the Minnesota Iceman
National Geographic, January 2000

Louisiana, Rapides Parish 2000
Maine, Looking for Bigfoot (Chris Julian)

Man or Gorilla?
Maryland, Annapolis

Maryland, Montgomery County, Dickerson 1990

Maryland, Hanover August 2000

Maryland, Sykesville Monster

Maryland, Baltimore & Montgomery Counties
Massachusetts, Agawam

Massachusetts, Agawam -2
Massachusetts, Lowell

More on the Freezer Hoax
Meeting the Neanderthal Man?
Michigan, Robin Lynn blueberry bagels article 2011

Michigan, Cass County 1964 Sister Lakes Monster
Michigan, Detroit 1994
Michigan, Foley Swamp, Oscoda County
Michigan, St. Clair County 1981
Michigan, article on Wayne King 1992
Mike McDonald
Minnesota, Clearwater County 2002
Minnesota, Deer River, R. Olson October 2007
Minnesota Legends live on July 2006
Minnesota Iceman Translated Article January 2004
Minnesota, International Falls 1979
Minnesota, Lent Township 2009
Minnesota, Moorhead 2002
Minnesota, Prairie Island 1988
Mississippi, Meadville, Franklin County 1868
BF like a Negro
Mississippi, New Albany 1993
Missouri, Pettis County - Beaman Monster 2008
Missouri, Dr. John Severson talks Bigfoot 2010
Missouri Momo, The
Missouri, Joplin 1975
Missouri, East Jackson County
Missouri, Louisiana "Momo"
Montana, Billings
Montana, Billings Gazette 2
Montana, Billings Rumors Persist BF Killing
Montana, Flathead County 2006
Montana, Sanders County, Plains 2003
-tracks everywhere...
Mount Valin Trois-Rivières, Québec
Mount Valin, Québec - Lisez en français
Mount Valin, Additional Footprint Photos
Museum at the End of the Road, The
Murphy Papers, The
Mystery Ape cast and article 2003
National Wildlife Magazine 1968
Nasua Telegraph, The 1977
Nevada, Nuclear test site 1980
New England book explores eastern BF 2008
New Hampshire Filmmaker sues over civil liberties issues
New Hampshire, Concord
New Hampshire, Hollis
New Mexico, Albuquerque 1968
New Mexico, Albuquerque 2, 1968
New Mexico, Navajo Nation August 2005
New York, Woodside
New York. Clarence
Hans Mobius hoax 2006
Nitpicker's Guide, The
North Dakota 2004
North Dakota, Grand Forks 2004
North Dakota, Leipzig hunt for ape man
North Carolina Cleveland County 2010
North Carolina Cleveland Cnty-"Knobby" 2010
North Carolina, Greensboro
North Carolina, Cleveland County "Knobby" 1979
Ohio, Alliance 1996
Ohio, Akron Beacon Journal
BF Hunters on Their Toes
Ohio, Cincinnati
Ohio, Coshocton County Hawk Spearman 2008
Ohio, Gallia County Vintage article 1869 BF attacks man
Ohio, Logan County -Dayton 1980
Ohio, Logan County - Russell's Point 1980
Ohio: Radio Broadcast: Ironton Ohio
Ohio Magazine Article
Ohio, Minerva 1978

Ohio, Newcomerstown 2002
Ohio, New Philadelphia Times Reporter
Ohio, Tri-State December Meeting 2002
Ohio: Preliminary Hair Analysis at OSU

Ohio, Portsmouth

Ohio, Resident Hunter Hot on the trail, 2006
Ohio, Shawnee Forest, Scioto County
Ohio, Stark County
Ohio, Union County 1980
Ohio, Union County 2, 1980
Ohio, WJW Fox8 November 2002
Oklahoma, 2 Bigfoot contained? May 2005
Oklahoma, Ada Evening New Dec 2005
Oklahoma, Idabel - 1
Oklahoma, Idabel - 2
Oklahoma, Idabel - 3
Oklahoma, Honobia 2005
Oklahoma, Cherokee County 2005
Oklahoma, Cherokee County 2006
Oklahoma, Film Crew in Adair County, Oct 2006
Oklahoma, Honobia - The Kiamichis
Oklahoma, Honobia 2000
Oklahoma, Honobia
Oklahoma, Johnston County Connerville 1981
Oklahoma: McCurtain Coach Saw "Bigfoot"
Oklahoma: McCurtain County 1989
Oklahoma: Mc Curtain Cnty Idabel
Oklahoma: Cherokee County 1990
Oklahoma: Nowata County
Oklahoma: Nowata County 1976
Oklahoma: Southern July 27, 2004
Oklahoma, Tahlequah 2006
Oklahoma, Tahlequah 2008
Oklahoma, Tahlequah Cherokee County 2008
Oklahoma: The Road to Noxie
Oklahoma, Vici
Oregon, Clackamas County, Estacada 2008
Oregon, Henry Franzoni
Oregon, Hillsboro 2002
Oregon Journal 1968
Oregon Daily Emerald
Oregon, Dr. LeRoy Fish, Obituary
Oregon, Mail Tribune - Ron Olson 2006
Oregon, Molalla
Oregon, Multnomah
Oregon, Multnomah County, Dabney St. Park 1980
Oregon, The Oregonian - 1992 - screams
Oregon, The Oregonian: December 2002
Oregon, "The Oregonian" January 2003
Oregon, Portland
Oregon, Thom Powell article August 2010
Oregon, The Register-Guard March 02
Oregon, The Statesman-Journal October 2005
Oregon, Todd Neiss
Oregon, Umatilla County..Reservation vocalization 2013 new
Oregon, West Linn Tidings "Perspective"
Oregon, Wilsonville
Oliver, is he an Ape?
Oliver is a Chimp!
Original Apes of the Galaxy, The 1993
Pennsylvania Bigfoot Meeting 2005
Pennsylvania Bigfoot Meeting 2002
Pennsylvania Conference news article 2005
Pennsylvania, Dauphin County, Lykens October 2012 new
Pennsylvania, Jeanette Meeting 2003
Pennysylvania Meeting in Jeanette 2008
Pennsylvania, Waynesboro
Pennsylvania, Waynesboro_2
Pennsylvania, Waynesboro a Hoax
Pennsylvania, Waynesboro
Pennsylvania, Waynesboro a Gag?
Pennsylvania, Waynesboro May 02
Pennsylvania, Westmoreland County, Wilpen 2007
Pennsylvania, Fayette County 1977
Peter Byrne, On the Trail of BF, 1995
Rambler to the Times article on Ray Crowe 2005

Ray Wallace Flap
Rent Mullens Saga, The
Roger Knights, 2 articles June 2003
Sasquatch, sort of -Sidney Warren 1949
Sasquatch Phone Home
Scarlet B, The
Scott Essman on John Chambers Death
South Carolina Bigfoot Expert
South Carolina, Lee County
South Carolina - Lee County's Lizardman
South Carolina, Myrtle Beach
South Dakota, Pine Rigdge Res 2006
Tennessee Bigfoot
Tennessee, The Flintville Monster
Tennessee, Igor Bourtsev's visit
Tennessee, McNairy County Wild Man 1981 BF carry off women
Texas A & M Prof/ Documentary 2002
Texas, Big Cypress Bayou 2004
Texas "Bugs" -Bigfoot Carcasses
Texas, Conroe Crypto Meeting June 2004
Texas, Houston Chronicle, (Jimmy Chicutt)
Texas. Lake Worth Monster
Texas, Legal to Shoot Bigfoot 2012 new
Texas, The Lone Star Bigfoot, Chester Moore 2002
Texas, Stalking the Texas Bigfoot 2006
Texas, The Paris News March 2002
Texas, Jefferson TBRC Vanity Fair article 2008
The Sasquatch Sleuth 2005
Tom Steenburg: The Man & His books
Tracking the Bigfoot Trackers
Tracks to Nowhere - Rene Dahinden
U.S. News & World Report: Cliff Crook & Chris Murphy 1999
Utah Phantom
Utah, Davis County
Utah, Ogden
Utah, Ogden - Olympics tread on BF turf?
Utah, Ron Mower
Utah, Uintahs Mountain Range
Utah. Uintahs Mountain Range,1977-1980
Utah Statesman article 2008 Bigfoot exists
Vermont, Bennington County '03
Vermont, '03, Bennington's man in a gorilla suit?
Vermont, Rutland 2008
Virginia, Chesapeake

Virginia, Culpeper 2004
Virginia, Alexandria
Virginia, "On the trail of sasquatch: 2010
Virginia, Mitchell County Dranginis
Virginia Sighting
Virginia, Manassas Man goes hi-tech 2003
Washington, Mt.St.Helens Sighting 1962
Washington, Ape Canyon Mystery 1963
Washington, Bothel
Washington, Edmonds Theo Stein #3 2003
Washington, Granite Falls
Washinton, Granite Falls -2
Washington, Grays Harbor 1969
Washinton, Hoh Indian Reservation
Washington, Index 2010 - Route
Washington, King Country 1996
Washington, King County 1996
Washington, Kitsap County
Washington, Lincoln County
Washington, Lummi 1855 Reserve Map
Washington, Lummi Tribe vs Sasquatch
Washington, Lummi: Bigfoot is Back
Washington, Lummi: Spotters Adamant
Washington, Longview Times 1924
Washington, Mt. St. Helens 2002
Washington, Seattle 2003
Washington, Sasq. on Lummi Res.
Washington, Spokane Review - 2003
Washington, Skookum Cast 2000
Washington, Skookum Body Cast Stein 2000
Washington Ordinance
Washington, Port Angeles
Washington, articles by Vance Orchard 2004
Washington, Tacoma News Tribune
Washington, Taholah...Quinalt 2010
Washington, Tracking the Bigfoot Trackers
Washington, Walla Walla Dahinden in 1987 investigation
Washington, Walla Walla - Vance Orchard 2004
Washington, Walla Walla - Small town secrets
Washington, Walla Walla
Washington, Walla Walla
Washington, Walla Walla - Vance Orchard column
Washington, Walla Walla-Freeman Tracks
Washington, Walla Walla loggers
Washington, Walla Walla - Paul Freeman 1989
Washington, Whatcom County
Washington, Yakima-Herald-Republic
Washington, Yakima - Heironimus polygraphed
Washington, Yakima 2004 - Heironimus, Green & Long
West Virginia howling 2010 Appalachian news
Whistling Sasquatch, The
Winsted Wildman Craze of 1895
Winsted Wildman Connecticut 1997 article
Willow Crk Museum Grand Opening 2000
Wisconsin, Burnett County Grantsburg 1976
Wisconsin, Cashton, 2004
Wisconsin, Clark County
Wisconsin, LaCrosse Tribune January 9, 2003
Wisconsin, Monroe County
Wisconsin, Polk County 2002
Wisconsin, Rice Lake, Wisconsin
Wisconsin, Seeley, Sawyer County January 2008
Wisconsin, Vernon County sighting 2012
Wisconsin, Washington County Holy Hill 2006
Wisconsin, Whitman County-Farmington January 2008
Wisconsin, Delafield, Waukesha County 1961
Wisconsin, Waukesha County 2006
Wisconsin, Eagle, Waukesha County 2012
Wyoming, Jackson
Wyoming, Landers 1972
Wyoming, Landers, BF creates Nat'l Interest
Wyoming, Jackson 1980
Yukon, Whitehorse 2006

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Malaysia, Yeti, Pakistani Wildman & Orang Pendek - Articles
Abominable Snowman
Hollywood to Exploit the Yeti

East India's Bigfoot Sightings push probe 2007
India's hunt for the Mande Burung continues July 2008
India - another sighting of the Mande Burung June 2008
India's Giant Footprints January 2006
India, Garo Hills, Meghalaya 2008
In Search of the Yeti March 2002
Jamling Tenzing Norgay
Japanese Expedition '03
Leave The Yeti Alone!
Malaysia Biggest Discovery -H. erectus July 2006
Malaysia's Reverse Evolution theory June 30 2006
Malaysian Bigfoot, if it exists (update) Apr 2006
Malaysian Expedition March 2006
Malay Footprint, the latest claim Feb 23, 2006
Malaysia, How I tracked Bigfoot Feb 21, 2006
Malaysian Bigfoot Kuala Lumpur news article
Malaysian Bigfoot story gets bigger 2006
Malaysia, December 2006
Malaysia, Johor, Baharu, Kuala Lumpur 2005
Magraner, Jordi 2004 update
Mande Barung, Bangladesh, India 2008
Martyr departs for Kerinci Seblat 1994
Martyr, "The Other Orang"
UK Me and My Yeti (orang pendek, July 2003)
Million Dollar Offer rescinded 2005
National Geographic
Nepal Outrage
Nepalese Yeti

Orang Pendek 1997
Orang Pendek article November 2001 w/photo
Orang Pendek, Adam Davies "Near Myth"
Orang Pendek, Brits Claim Find
October 2001
Orang Pendek Hair Study Revealed 2003
Orang Pendek Fortean Times 201
UK Yeti (OP) hairs found in Indonesia

UK Monster clues in Great yeti Hunt (OP '03)
UK Explorers Find key to Yeti Mystery (OP'03 Aug)
UK Slavomir Rawicz April 2004 Obituary
Siberian Wildman

Yeti Search in Nepal
Yeti, The London Daily Mail 1997 Metoh-kangmi
Yeti/Abomniable Snowman
Yeti And Us
Yeti Exists - Official BBC '97
Yeti, More Articles
Yeti Murder, May '98
Yeti Puts a foot in it
Yeti Newspaper Clippings
Yeti, No Yeti Hunts, Asia World Pacific
'Yeti hair' defies DNA analysis
Yeti, Scientists convinced Yeti does exist 1997
Yeti, Abominable Snowman sighting
Yeti Stories Not so far fetched say professor
Yeti Word
Yeti Hunter Bill Grant, where is he?

Chinese Yeren News - Articles

Asia's Hidden Mysteries
Beijing, China Museum

Beijing, China's Wild Man
Bigfoot Believed Living in China 2001

Bigfoot Hunt
Chinese Hot on Trail of Snowman Hubei
China's Hunt for the Wildman in Hubei 2003

China's Wildman with Photo October 2010
Chinese Wildman Article, Translated
Chinese Wildman Returns
China, April 2001
Chinese Take Leap 2000

China ending Bigfoot Tours
China ending Yeren Tours
China's Monkey Man, 1988
Chinese Ape June 2003
Chinese Hunt for Yeti 2003
China, Hubei Province Shennongjia 2007

China, Hubei Province Shennongjia footprint
China Hubei Province NEW tracks & unknown hairs 2010

China: Shanghai News July 2002

China's Shennongjia's Nature Reserve

Chinese Corneater in Hubei Province
Chinese Yeren
China's Yeren-wildman expedition 2012
China's Wildman tracks found in Chengkou 2011
Chinese Yeh-ren 1981
Chinese Yeti tracks
Krantz's Yeren Report, 1995
Sinting Lai, Asia
Scientists disapprove of 'Bigfoot' reward
Three Chinese Yeh-ren Short Stories
Yu Gong's death, Chinese BF Investigator

Zhou Guoxing
Four Chinese Wildmen Reports From in Hubei Province
June 2003

Foreign Press Releases And Pacific Rim Countries

Almasty, or Snowman of the Caucasus, The
Argentine Expedition 2003
Assam, The Straits Times March 18, 02
Australian Yowie photo & hair identified, March 2008
Australia, Batemans Bay Mogo State Forest 2007

Australian Apes, The McCooey Letter

Australian Yowie Stench

Australia, Four different News Articles
Australia, Gympie Bigfoot Down Under
Australia, "Hey Yowie, Take Cover"
Australia, Tim the Yowie Man Excerpts
Australia: On The Trail of Yowie
Australia: Survivor 2 find Australian Yowie
Australia: Dilemma faces Yowie hunters
Australian Yowie Videotaped
Australia: Yowies Ignored By Science!
Belize Expedition 2004
Brazil: David Oren
Brazil: Mapinguary update 2007

British Bigfoot Controversy Grows
British Bolam Lake a hoax by teens?
El Tribuno Digital
Footprints In Kyrgyzia, Central Asia
Footprints found in Kyrgyzia Republic
Frankfurt, Germany
Indian bigfoot caught on tape claim
India's Monkey-Man Scare July 2002

India, Patna Child dies during Monkeyman scare
India, An encounter in North India
India, Kashmir
January 10, 2003

It's Geordie Yeti

Katmandu, Nepal/Beijing, China

Kazakhstan's Monkey Child
London, Biggleswade Chronicle UK May 2005
London News
London/Bonington Expedition

London Sunday Telegraph 2000
London (UK) Telegraph
Malaysia, 2001 Endau Rompin Nat'l Park
Malaysian Trekkers find Big-Footprints
Manchester, UK 30 October 2001
Peruvian Giants
Queensland Yowie leaves footprints 1993
Russia, Arkhangelsk
Tracks found Sept 2006
Russia, Daniel Perez in Moscow Oct. 2002
Russia, Unknown Primate of Himalaya 2002
Russia, Moscow Times 1997
Russian Almasty Articles
Russia, Dr. Koffmann, The Almasty Trail
Russian Yeti Starts War w/Bears 2010
Sumatra, Gunung Kerinci
Ural Mountains, 1959
U.K. Cannock Chase Sightings
February 2006
Yowie zap plan fizzles 1999

Cryptozoology News Articles - General

Cryptozoological Kyrgyzstan
Florida's "Dolly Llama" and other crypids
Hunted: Fabulous Beasts of our Time
by Jonathan Leake
Paul G. Johnson, Cryptozoologist
Skeptical Inquirer, 1999
Cryptozoologists: An Endangered Species

Odd Ball Articles, interesting reading:
Cape Breton's Giant: Angus McAskill

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