Bigfoot Encounters

Team has a near myth

Manchester UK --April 2002 -- PART-TIME adventurer Adam Davies and his expedition pals have returned from a ''Yeti'' hunt with evidence of a mythical jungle creature. Scientists at Oxford and in Australia are examining samples and footprints to confirm if they are traces of the elusive Sumatran Yeti - the Orang-Pendek, little man of the forest - which zoologists believe does exist.

Adam, a 32-year-old Internet manager from Bramhall, Stockport, led the team, which included Keith Townley from Macclesfield. ''We spent three weeks in remote forests and mountains in Indonesia, some areas previously unexplored. We were the first westerners to climb one mountain,'' said Adam, married with a two-year-old son. Previously he has explored in the Congo and Norway. Adam said: ''We are an experienced team and the earlier trips just got us keener to do more.''

''We are not scientists, but try to bring evidence for the experts to examine. I like the unknown nature of the trips and the living-on-your-wits aspect.'' The group's Indonesian findings will be analysed and DNA-checked at Oxford. Anthropologists will examine the unique footprints they found. ''It could take months for the work, but the scientists are quite excited about our finds and say they have never seen anything like them,'' said Adam. ''If there is evidence of the unknown Yeti, we will go back there to do further work.'' Adam and his pals must cover their own expenses and are seeking sponsors for trips to Mongolia and the Gobi Desert.

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