Bigfoot Encounters

12' Tall Bigfoot Seen By Four Workers And Officer In Maryland  
'Mysterious Creature Spotted In Maryland

August 8, 2000 HANOVER MD -- Move over, Pacific Northwest. Maryland now has its own version of the legendary Bigfoot.

Construction workers fled the Arundel Mills mall construction site early Tuesday morning after they reportedly spotted a 12-foot-tall creature that left abnormally large footprints.

The sighting has peaked the interest of state officials, residents and even the television show ``Unsolved Mysteries.''

Three workers say they were sleeping in their van when they were awakened by a towering animal running on two legs, Anne Arundel Police Sgt. Joseph E. Jordan said. They retreated to a nearby restaurant and called police, who sent an off-duty officer to investigate.

Officer Nicholas DiPietro persuaded the workers to return to the site, where they discovered a 15- to 20-inch-long footprint, Jordan said. But when they caught another glimpse of the creature, the workers again ran away.

DiPietro said he later spotted a large animal on a hill. The officer said he blew an air horn, but the creature sat motionless and silent, glaring at the officer for nearly a minute. It then ambled down the hill and disappeared.

Department of Natural Resources searches have turned up no sign of the creature. DNR spokeswoman Susan O'Brien said it may have been a bear, which would have been about 5 feet tall and 300 pounds. She said poor lighting and the workers' fear may have made the animal seem larger to them.

The unusually large footprint could have been made by an animal that slipped in the mud, O'Brien said. County Executive Janet Owens expressed concern that the sighting may slow the mall's construction. It is scheduled to open November 16. 2000

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