Bigfoot Encounters

King County, Washington 1996

High Country News
Publication: The Salt Lake Tribune
Published: April 21, 1996
By Ed Marston

Maybe God likes all this help. But maybe She doesn't, and is playing a few tricks on us to get us back. Tricks like putting Bipedus giganticus, aka Bigfoot, on the list of species considered endangered in King County, Washington.

The listing was discovered when farmer Jim Baum tried to sell his land and learned that the value of the 17-acre plot had taken a dive because it was home to up to 350 endangered species, including Bigfoot. Whether the listing was a joke or not, Bipedus giganticus will remain an endangered species because, as one county official explained, "It would cost too much to change."

Article courtesy Marlene Trask, archive researcher, 1996

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