Bigfoot Encounters

One Day In South Weber

Publication: The Salt Lake Tribune
Published: 07/09/96 - Byline: Brett Prettyman

Living in South Weber, nestled at the mouth of the Weber Canyon in Davis County, is like having a home in a wind tunnel.  "We are noted for our canyon wind," said South Weber City Administrator Ginger Miller. "All of our trees lean to the west.  Luckily, our kids grow straight."

The city of an estimated 3,400 is a quiet place to raise a family. "It's a rural atmosphere," said Miller. "We have country comfort with city convenience." South Weber is on the west side of Highway 9 in Davis County between Ogden and Layton.

But it hasn't always quiet. On Feb. 3, 1980, South Weber resident Pauline Markham saw something that put the town in the spotlight. While walking near a canal that runs along the Weber River, Markham saw what she described as Bigfoot.

During several days of unconfirmed sightings, posses were bent on finding the missing link. Unique tracks, an odd stench in the air and inhuman screams helped to feed the Bigfoot craze.

Nowadays, South Weber residents seem embarrassed by the entire event and are more worried about losing their small business district.

A widening project on Highway 89 has already claimed two gas stations and will next take out a restaurant and a boat shop. "Highway 89 is causing us a lot of concern," said Miller. "We are hoping to remain a rural community but we need some form of business district."  

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