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Chinese Wildman in Hubei, Article and Translation

Below is a portion of a Chinese article; translated it essentially reads as follows: Dated October 10, 1997, published by World Newspaper, article photo below.

"In Hubei, they discovered a Caucasian barbarian or wildman"

On September 26, at the Headquarters of a certain Chinese Barbarian or Wildman Study Institute, located in Wucheng, they showed a film of a rare and unbelievable sighting of a Wildman, who had no language skills. 2 meters tall, small pointed head, naked, broadshoulders, large feet. Ms. Lee of the Wildman Study Institute advised that she discovered this invaluable video film in the past year when cleaning her late father, Mr. Lee's left behind belongings. He died in 1995, and was Chairman and Secretary of the Institute before he died.

Apparently that video was taken back in 1986 by another member of the institute in an area (I cannot determine where). At that time, the wildman was 33 years, his mother was still living. Apparently, her husband had died and she stayed unmarried. She was extremely embarrassed about having the Caucasian wildman as a child, and never disclosed how she conceived him. And because she had an elder son (elder brother of the wildman) who is an army officer, the mother of the wildman was promised secrecy by the person who took the video, and told the story of how she was abducted by a wildman and got impregnated and gave birth to the child descendant of the wildman.......

"The rest of the article was cut off and I could not read any more....." Translator: Maria Johnson, Hong Kong and California; March 7, 2002 - Article courtesy Chris Murphy, Canada

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