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"Sasquatch Hunters Get Warning" 
July 23, 1971

Skamania County Ordinance is Serious Despite Date

Stevenson, Washington -(UPI) Four Cleveland men better plan to keep alive any Bigfoot creature they capture near here or expect to suffer the April Fool's Day ordinance passed by the Skamania County Commissioners.

Ken Killeen, head of the Cleveland expedition wrote to the Washington State Department of Commerce and Economic Development to ask if shooting the so-called "Sasquatch" legendary creature was illegal and if a zoo were nearby to temporarily detain it, if captured.

He said they planned to come to Mt. St. Helens area, where a number of expeditions have combed the hills looking for the creature recorded in Indian legend.

The state Agency told him of the "Skamania County Ordinance passed on April Fool's Day, 1969," which imposes a $10,000 fine along with up to five years imprisonment for wanton slaying of the creature.

Commissioners maintain the ordinance was passed in all seriousness, - despite the date!

Additional information and the city ordinance is listed HERE:

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Article courtesy Jerry Riedel, Vancouver, WA
February 17, 2003

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