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Article published in the Eureka, California Times Standard
8 hours after Patterson allegedly filmed the creature, he phoned The Times-Standard
reporter who was a familiar face in the region, it was Betty Allen**
What was said in those early hours is significant, far more than any current recollection...
"Mrs. Bigfoot is Filmed!"
Read between articles below...
This is the original article for those who disputed it.... photo of Roger Patterson
w/his collection of tracks from Bluff Creek, find below article...

Times-Standard October 21, 1967
"Patterson was still an excited man some eight hours after his experience"
"If" the sighting was at 1:30pm, as Patterson states above, that would place
him phoning the Times Herald from Al Hodgson's store at 9:30p at night according to Patterson's testimony...
Investigating further, there was no pay phone outside Hodgson's store.
It would have been inside the bldg, near the check-out stand by the front door.
This is interesting because Al & Frances Hodgson place Patterson & Gimlin
at their home at 6:30pm where the Hodgson states P&G joined them
for a backyard weiner roast, which must have lasted 3 1/2 hours before
Patterson sought to excitedly phone Betty Allen at the Times-Standard.
So the big question is, why didn't Patterson use Hodgson's home phone
to call the Times Standard reporter? Or Did he? We don't know because he
said he phoned from Hodgson's store pay phone but there was no outside pay phone there?
Hodgson's store in Willow Creek had closed at 6:00p?

... and part two of this article, notice -

far right column, 17-15- and sets of 9-inch tracks found on the sandbar...
which perhaps means that Patterson thought the
"Patty" creature was not alone
... and referring to the 9" inch track he cast,
suggests the report that there was a BF child on the sandbar is probably accurate...
(Patterson's cast of that child's barefoot imprint is below...)

- - The left & right casts of a Bigfoot child's 9-inch tracks can
be seen below, arrowed...
© Patricia Patterson 2008

The creature Patterson filmed, affectionately known as "Patty," was evidently not alone on the Bluff Creek sandbar during the filming or that is what Patterson seemed to indicate to the Times-Standard reporter in the article above and it may explain Patty's unusual behavior of staying out in the open long enough to be filmed...

Was there a child, was the child hers? Nobody to this day ever wrote about a child being on the Bluff Creek sandbar, but clearly there is evidence of its existence in the photograph & Patterson's words above.

A larger question being discussed currently, is why the tracks in the above
photo were never seen again after Labor Day 1967... We have written record
that a good many of the tracks you see above were common in and around
that area from the 1950's onward. Suddenly after Labor Day 1967 there
isn't any record of those tracks being seen or cast ever again. Why would they suddenly up and disappear? What happened to the individuals that made those tracks?

There is also written record of John Green and Rene Dahinden driving or flying by private chartered aircraft into the area on numerous occasions in late spring and summer of 1967, just to see these tracks. Would the average field man charter private aircraft to fly into another country just to see more Bigfoot tracks, most of which they had already seen before?

What did Bud Ryerson mean when he phone Green and relayed
only 6 words
, "...what you're looking for is here!"
There would have to be something else to cause Green's swift reaction!

Why did the intense interest of 1967 and those numerous trips all the way from Canada
into a foreign country suddenly end?
What happened that Dahinden & Green suddenly lost interest in the Bluff Creek area tracks?
Why were so many tracks never recorded again?
Come on researchers, this isn't rocket science.

Article courtesy © Rene Dahinden 1998
Above photograph © Patricia Patterson 2008
Editorial comments by Bobbie Short 2010
Uploaded February 1, 2011

This same article was uploaded in 1995 without the original article, it's HERE

** Betty Allen Reporter for this article:
This email
quote is from the late Don Davies to Dmitri Bayanov sent on January 1, 2002 appears to answer the age old question of 'who wrote the Times Standard article listed above? What reporter did Roger Patterson phone the night of October 20, 1967.' It was Betty Allen.

Davies wrote: "I have been trying to get an answer to this question for some five years.  The Times Standard would not reply to my inquiries, but the editor was once interviewed and asked the question.  His answer was "it was a long time ago and they did not have time to go looking through the files. The author appears to be Betty Allen.  As she was not a permanent reporter, we can reason that she would not be given a by line." 

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