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Bigfoot visits water treatment plant
by Linda So

WAYNESBORO, PA, Feb. 21 - A well-known legend was drawing crowds of people to one local reservoir, but what seemed like a harmless outing was raising some concerns. At Waynesboro's Water Treatment Plant, they are already facing a major water shortage and now they said Bigfoot could potentially make things worse. Officials were asking people to refrain from going down to the reservoir to look for these footprints. They say while it may seem harmless, it could really hurt the water supply. Is it a hoax or the real thing? Could Bigfoot really be in Waynesboro? "I'm a little skeptical," stated Stanley Wetzel. "I didn't believe it at all. I thought it was a hoax from the start," commented Waynesboro Operations Manager, Gordon Cruickshanks.

About 300 footprints were first spotted on Valentine's Day near the north end of the reservoir off Old Forge Road. Since then, hundreds of people have visited the site.

But as water levels in the reservoir reached an all time low, there was no room to fool around. "Our main concern from our standpoint was the influx of people into the reservoir area just with trash and other contaminants, because it is a public water supply," stated Cruickshanks.

While Franklin County is dealing with its own mandatory water restrictions, officials there said every drop was needed. So when a Bigfoot research organization recently came out to put an end to the mystery, officials were thrilled.

"It's deemed to be a hoax or not real," replied Cruickshanks.

So if you're thinking about going down there to see if those footprints are really Bigfoot's, you might want to save yourself the trip.

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