Ethical dilemma faces Yowie hunters

Sunday 22 Apr 2001 Australia

Yowie hunters said they were grappling with an ethical dilemma as they prepared to set out on an expedition to capture one of the elusive creatures on video. Australian Yowie Research spokesman Dean Harrison said could be morally wrong to reveal the creatures and their whereabouts.

But he said the film project "could also add weight to the argument that logging in their known habitats was endangering them." The Brisbane-based businessman was preparing to lead an expedition into a south-east Queensland state forest to film a Yowie, said to be a hairy, powerful ape-like creature.

"We have a team of 24 in Operation Rotation which begins on April 26 and ends on May 4," Mr Harrison said. He said the group, which included five people with military tracking experience, would camp on a rotational basis in the state forest north-west of Esk. "That's the hot spot for Yowies. We've had so many sightings from reliable witnesses," he said. Mr Harrison said the aim of Operation Rotation was to capture on video the movements of a Yowie. "Our information is that a least two clans or families of Yowies live in the area. All the witnesses are of the highest calibre and integrity," he said. Mr Harrison, who has been tracking Yowies since 1995, said: "We have no doubt this expedition will uncover the creature and silence our critics."

AAP 2001

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