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Bigfoot: Mason County, Kentucky

Chicago Sun Times Sunday October 12, 1980

One look at Bigfoot is Enough

Maysville, Kentucky (UPI) Anna Mae Sanders still awed by the sight of Bigfoot says she doesn't want another look at the 7-foot creature covered with long white hair. She is certain she saw it last weekend outside the home of her son in law in rural Mason County.

"I just hope that thing doesn't come back," said Saunders, 60. "I never saw anything like it in my life. It just looked like a big white fuzzy thing standing there on the porch. I never saw its face; it was above the 7-foot high door," she added.

Saunders' son in law, Charles Fulton, said the creature had one of his roosters when he opened the door, but either dropped or threw it as it jumped off the porch. He described the so-called Bigfoot as having long white hair with flowing animal like eyes.

Fulton 39, went outside and saw it standing between the house and an out building. He fired to shots with a .22 caliber pistol at the creature but they seemed to have no effect. It loped off at a slow motion kind of gallop," he said. Fulton and his family were at their rural home in a heavily wooded area watching television Saturday night when one of the children came into the living room and said someone was turning the back door knob.

Thinking the child was joking, Fulton made him sit and watch television. "A few minutes later, something like to have tore my front door off," Fulton said. He said he did not tell authorities about the sighting because he feared no one would believe him.

Saunders and the three children said they also saw the creature from inside the house. Fulton discounted the possibility the creature was a bear because of its upright position, and said it definitely was not a man in a costume.

Sanders, who lives in a mobile home near the Fulton Home said, "I'm scared to death to stay by myself now. Whenever I go back to the trailer, I look in all directions." She said there had been similar sightings recently in Aberdeen, Ohio just across the Ohio "River from Mason County.

Robert Gardiner, 40, a big game hunter for twenty years is convinced he has found the liar of Bigfoot in the hills of southern Ohio near McArthur. He urged hunters to hold their fire if they see him.

Gardiner, a native of Lexington and now a resident of Columbus, Ohio is president of the North American Sasquatch Bigfoot Research Team and has been searching in the hills for more than a week.

Gardiner says an analyst, who examined blood samples taken from a tree in Wayne National Forest in Vinton County, described the samples as ape like humanoid blood.

However Gardiner says he will have the blood analyzed again to get a second opinion.

Credit Source: Ron Schaffner, Ohio

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