Bigfoot Encounters

Nevada Test Site, 95 miles north of Las Vegas, Nevada
Wednesday January 30 1980

An article from the Idaho Statesman, Boise, Idaho

Bigfoot sighting reported in Nevada

1/30/80 -- LAS VEGAS (UPI) -- Is Bigfoot vacationing in the southern Nevada desert?

The legendary creature, whose activities are normally confined to the Pacific Coast was sited by a worker in the Nevada Test Site, 95 miles north of Las Vegas recently, Department of Energy spokesman Dave Jackson said a worker saw the creature walk across a road in the forward area of the test site. It was reported heading east toward Yucca Flat, the site of numerous above and below ground nuclear tests.

The creature was described as more than six feet tall, covered with hair and walking upright, taking long strides like a man.

Jackson said when the unidentified worker reported the sighting, "he took quite a bit of ribbing."

Jackson said security officials stationed in Mercury investigated but were unable to find any footprints or other evidence.

Article contributed by senior investigator Peter Guttilla March 14, 2010 Los Angeles, California

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