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Male and Female Sasquatch
Reportedly Being “Contained” in Oklahoma

Headline: "Have a pair of Sasquatch been tracked, captured and contained in Oklahoma?" Male and Female Sasquatch Reportedly Being “Contained” in Oklahoma

(PRWEB) May 21, 2005 -- A male and female Sasquatch are reportedly being “contained” in Oklahoma.

On the Wednesday, May 18th edition of the Internationally syndicated late evening talk show, The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show, hosted by Rob McConnell and heard exclusively on the TalkStar Radio Network and their US and Canadian affiliates, a guest claimed that a male and female Sasquatch were being “contained” in Oklahoma.

Leigh claims that the full name of the Sasquatch is “Yeti Sasquatch Bigfoot Junior.”

Jason Leigh, who has been on The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show claims to be a former employee of ABC as live cameraman, had a UFO sighting that changed his life on June 11, 1995. Since then, Jason has been involved with the search and establishing that extraterrestrials are presently visiting our planet and that there is a US Government conspiracy when it comes to aliens and UFOs.

Leigh, who was scheduled to come on last night’s show surprised McConnell with his world exclusive announcement on The X’ Zone, that a male Sasquatch, that measures 9.5 feet tall and answers to the name of “Otis” was tracked down and captured in Oklahoma. The female Sasquatch that is also being contained, who has been named “Sarah Jane”, according to Leigh could very well be a hybrid species.

The length of time that the two Sasquatch have been contained for was not revealed.

According to Leigh, a film company in Oklahoma, Ghost Shield Studios are going to be filming a docu-drama about the Sasquatch and that after viewing the film which is scheduled to wrap up in the fall of 2005, there will be no way that anyone will be able to doubt the existence of Sasquatch. Leigh claims to have been hired by the studio to write part of the script and possibly play the part of the Indian tracker (not because he is half Cheyenne and half Irish) but because of his long hair.

Leigh stated that the members of the scientific community and media will have their opportunity to see both Sasquatch after the film has been completed and shown.

Leigh made reference to the “Sundance Indy (or Indie) Film Institute” as being the governing body behind the interview requests, and The ‘X’ Zone tried to contact them for a comment, we could not find them. We then tried to contact Ghost Shield Studios and could not find a listing for them on the internet or in an Oklahoma telephone directory.

The American Indian Film Institute and Sundance Institute were contacted and they had not heard of the “Sundance Indy (or Indie) Film Institute or Ghost Shield Studios.

According to members of Native American Associations who were contacted by The ‘X’ Zone, containing the Sasquatch against their will is a violation of their beliefs and laws since the Sasquatch are considered to be sacred.

To listen to Rob McConnell’s interview with Jason Leigh:
visit on the date of Wednesday, May 18th., 2005.

The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show is broadcast LIVE, Monday thru Friday from 10 PM – 2 AM Eastern and then the show is repeated in entirety from 2 AM – 6 AM Eastern.

The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show, now in its 10th year is available through the TalkStar Radio Network and their Canadian and US affiliate radio stations. To find out how your station can carry The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show visit the TalkStar Radio Network website at or call Victor Ives at 503-638-4839 (in Oregon).

To contact Rob McConnell, call (905) 575-5916 (offices and studio are located in Hamilton, Ontario) or via e-mail to e-mail protected from spam bots, or visit The ‘X’ Zone Radio Show website at

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