He is still wild in Cowichan Lake, Vancouver Island, BC
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He Is Still Wild...

July 20, 1905 -- Cowichan Lake Vancouver Island BC--He is still wild, the Cowichan Leader says: "The wild man of Vancouver Island has again been seen by a prospector while out in the mountains last week near Cowichan Lake.

He reports seeing what he believes was the much-talked-of wild man. He saw something through the bush, and at first sight thought it was a bear and raised his rifle, moving a little closer, when to his surprise a man straightened up before him. He immediately lowered his gun and shouted to him, but the wild man at once sprang into the thicket and was soon lost to view.

The prospector tried to follow his track, but on account of the dense undergrowth was forced to give up the chase."

Notation: The Lake Cowichan story does not specify that the wild man was covered with hair, but it is a follow-up to a couple of sighting reports from Horne Lake about a wild man with "a profusion of hair all over the body." Julius Szego and a friend, in summer, 1975, watched a seven foot tall sasquatch pull roots out of the water near Skutz Falls on the Cowichan River. (Recorded by Guy Phillips of Winnipeg, Manitoba, and reported by Tom Steenburg in his second book. Also reported in John Bindernagel's book "North America's Great Ape, The Sasquatch" page 82.)

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