Bigfoot Encounters

Warner Ranch, San Diego County, Calfiornia

An account from the Janet and Colin Bord's out-of-print "Bigfoot Casebook," 1982:

An abominable snowman (bigfoot) was seen near Warner's Ranch, San Diego County, California in February, 1876 was described as having 'rather fine features' which is a puzzling way to describe a face usually compared with that of an ape.

In all other respects the report seems to describe a relic hominid looking, hair-covered Bigfoot."

The term "bigfoot" was not in general use in 1876, so I am assuming the report in the San Diego Union described what the Bord's translated abominable snowman to what is now called bigfoot.

It may be premature speculation to assume this creature is an ape when so many witnesses even back in the early 1800's were describing these creatures as 'human,' manlike or having 'human attributes.'

This gives the appearance of a creature many may be misjudging as apes because it's easier to do than explain an oversized hairy sub-human like creature.

It also makes killing one more legitimate in one's mind if they think they shooting an ape rather than some kind of human creature.

There is a news article in the San Diego Union-Tribune of this incident in Warner Springs...

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