Bigfoot Encounters


August 29, 2001


The frontier guard of the mountainous Aktalinsky district of the republic of Kyrgyzia found the footprints of the unknown man-like creature.

The length of a footprint was 45 cm, and its width - 30 cm, so the creature was of incredible stature.

The footprints were very clearly visible for they were outlined against the clayey bank of the mountain river flowing through the deserted area.

The prints are rather fresh. Experts said, the enthusiasts were desperately seeking a bigfoot in the neighboring Pamirs 20 years ago.

So they did not exclude the creature could move to Kyrgyzia being scared of the military actions in the mountains of the republic of Tajikistan.

However Kyrgyzia is very unlikely to find the money for funding the scientific expedition to the Aktalinsky district where the footprints have been found.

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