Bigfoot Encounters

WJW Fox 8 in Cleveland, Ohio - Don Keating
November 7, 2002


Here are a few thoughts of mine about the 4 minute and 24 second piece that aired on Thursday November 7'th during the 10 p.m. broadcast and again during the 6 p.m. broadcast on November 8'th on WJW Fox 8 Cleveland (OH).

Fox 8 "teased" the daylights out of the piece. In other words, they showed 30 second commercials all day on Thursday and Friday announcing that the piece was going to air. I'm sure that helped in getting alot more viewers for the piece than just a 15 or 30 second news piece would without promotion.

Amazingly, I never seen Tim Taylor, Wilma Smith or anyone else on the set at the time laugh out loud when the segment was to air, or even afterwards. During the 6 p.m. broadcast, right after the piece aired, Dick Goddard was up to do weather. Dick is a man of 5' 8" and has size 8 shoes. He said that he would never qualify as a Bigfoot because he had feet that were too small. He is a very nice gentleman to speak with in person. I've known him for over 15 years and have met him several times at book signings.

Overall I was very pleased with the piece. As I said it totaled 4 minutes even, but 4:24 with commentary afterwards. I thought Rich did a fine job, wild haircut or not, lol. However, I did not notice where the misunderstanding took place with him describing one thing and it looked like he was describing something different. I'll have to watch it again to see. I appreciate Rich for coming down on such a short notice. By the way, the meetings have been held since 1985, not 95 as mentioned. I suspect that was a typo on the script for the news anchors.

For those interested, I will be showing the piece at the December 7'th meeting.

Photo of Keating being interviewed by Todd Meany on October 22, 2002.

Don Keating

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