Idaho Family has Bigfoot Encounter in
Multnomah Falls, Oregon

"Bony Bigfoot Almost Street-Meat"

January 16, 2002 -- Multnomah Falls, Oregon (Wireless Flash) -- An Idaho family recently had a run-in with a Bigfoot that almost turned into a run-over -- as in road kill.

Linda Boydson claims she and her son came within inches of running over an unusually-thin bigfoot while driving near Multnomah Falls, Oregon.

Boydson says she was zooming around a corner on the freeway late one night and saw a "very, very skinny, 9 foot tall, hairy man" standing in the slow lane.

She barely missed hitting the creature -- probably because it was so skinny.

Despite being super-thin, Boydson doesn't think the Sasquatch was bulimic because it looked as muscular as a well-toned athlete.

However, Boydson admits her first thought when she saw how bony the Bigfoot looked was "Go eat something, Sasquatch!"

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