07 November 1994
Source: The Times By Michael Evans

THE Abominable Snowman has so far survived every attempt to track it down, but a team of Chinese scientists believes the Yeti will be revealed in a search to be launched next year. Sightings of giant hairy humanoids have been as numerous over the years as those little green men who pop out of flying saucers in mostly remote parts of the globe. Undeterred by the failure of many efforts to locate, capture or photograph the Yeti, Chinese scientists on the newly formed Committee for the Search of Rare and Strange Creatures are convinced that the Abominable Snowman is no longer a myth. This follows a claim by ten Chinese tourists that they spotted three huge apes with long dark hair, walking on two legs like humans in Shennongjia national forest park in the centre of the country. The figures apparently bolted as soon as they realised they had been seen by humans. The members of the strange creatures committee took special notice of the latest report because the witnesses were not the usual peasants mumbling about wild men lurking in the mountains but well-educated engineers. Professor Yuan Zhenxin, chairman of the committee, described the sighting of the half men, half apes as "a major discovery" and announced that a full search would be launched early next year by 20 scientists. Although the Yeti is supposed to inhabit the remoter regions of China and Tibet, it has also been reported in Badakhshan in the former Soviet Union, in Sumatra and on the Isle of Arran, off the west coast of Scotland.

Credit Source: Paul Cropper, Australia
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Source: Sunday Telegraph By Louise Evans

Chinese scientists are to launch a search early next year for the abominable snowman after three giant hairy humanoids were sighted in a remote mountainous region in central China. So confident are scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences that the creatures will prove to be the legendary yeti or Big Foot that they have set up the Committee for the Search of Rare and Strange Creatures to try to flush the shy apemen from their mountain retreat. The committee chairman, Professor Yuan Zhenxin, said last week the search followed a "major discovery" when tourists provided the best positive identification in China of the manlike creatures which are supposed to inhabit Tibet and the wilderness areas of America and Canada. The sighting was witnessed by 10 Chinese engineers on a pleasure trip to the Shennongjia National Forest Park in western Hubei province, central China. The group was driving down a steep mountain pass at sunset when they came upon three figures more than 6ft tall, covered with long dark hair, with ape-like features and protruding foreheads. The engineers gave chase when the creatures fled into the dense forest but were themselves overcome with fear when they saw how the creatures ploughed through the undergrowth with superhuman speed and strength. "The creatures were not human, or bears or apes; we believe they are the yeti," Prof Yuan said. "It is a great discovery, the best sighting ever, because the engineers saw them about 30 yards away. "The engineers were all very well-educated people and have been of great assistance in our investigation to find a yeti and prove it lives in China." A team sent into the forest by the science academy to research the rare sighting returned to the area five times to collect samples of hair, footprints and droppings. Subsequent analysis revealed the samples came from a long-haired herbivorous animal with a foot that measured 20 inches. "We are very excited by the findings and the committee has been set up to exchange views and send 20 scientists into Shennongjia forest early next year," Prof Yuan said.

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"CHINA: China searches for human-like creatures." --- 27 October 1994
Source: Reuters News Service

BEIJING, Oct 27 (Reuter) - China established the Committee for the Search of Strange and Rare Creatures on Thursday to hunt for mysterious human-like ape-men reported in remote mountain areas, the official Xinhua news agency said. Like the Yeti or "Big Foot", China's "snow men" are reported to be two metres (6.5 feet) tall and leave 40-cm-long (16-inch-long) footprints. "Rural people who got glimpses of them said that they walk by two legs and their bodies are covered with long hairs," Xinhua said.

Xinhua said a study of hairs purportedly from the creatures revealed that they were "a kind of unknown primate -- possibly the offspring of a branch of anthropoid ape, who is said to have extinguished on the planet, or even a group of ape men who have lagged behind evolution."

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