Bigfoot Encounters

Bigfoot Caught near Skiff Lake, New Brunswick, Canada  
By Deanna Bradley

Tuesday October 7, 2008 -- A few weeks ago, the First Eel River Lake/Skiff Lake area was the centre of attention after at least two reports that a sasquatch (Big Foot) had been spotted crossing the highway in the lake region.

Were the sightings of a real Big Foot true or just a figment of the imagination?

No one knows for sure but a version of the truth has the sasquatch crossing the highway near Skiff Lake. The driver of the vehicle got out and followed the creature into the woods only to find a person wearing a sasquatch costume lying on the ground laughing his head off, with a case of beer by his side.

So much for the sasquatch tale!

Some say the only proof of the creature's existence will be a dead Big Foot.
Let's hope this never happens and the sasquatch, if there is such a species, can live untouched by humans.

A worse scenario would be to unknowingly shoot at a person in an ape-like or bigfoot costume... he'd be on the ground alright, but dead, not laughing.

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