Nowata County, Noxie, Oklahoma


NOXIE, Oklahoma. (UPI) -- Farmer Ken Tosh said he saw the monster--seven feet tall, hairy, foul smelling and with eyes that glowed like a cat. It has the sheriff worried -- the people, that is, not the monster.

"I was within 10 feet of it before I saw him," said Tosh, 30. "He growled and ran one way. I screamed and ran the other." Tosh is one of several residents of this tiny community to report sighting what has been dubbed the "Noxie Monster". "The people are scared," Tosh said. "Anything that comes around, they'll shoot. We couldn't capture him."

The reported sightings panicked residents, and armed bands of hunters have been roaming the rolling timber covered hills along the Oklahoma-Kansas border hoping to get a shot at the creature.

Nowata County Sheriff Bob Arnold is more worried about the hunters than the monster. "We're going to get some righteous people killed by some idiot," Arnold said Thursday. "I'm telling reporters to stay away from here because they might get shot and I'd hate to have to fill my jail with some of the good people around here.

"I had an unconfirmed report last night there had already been one horse and two dogs shot by these gun-crazed idiots running around drinking.

"A young person in this day and age, with long hair and a lot of stuff on his face, might at night look like a wolf man and one of these guys that are drinking their beer might want to blow him to bits." "Maybe we'll luck out and find a monster, he joked. "I've never seen one of those."

Interviewed for a network radio program in Canada, Sheriff Arnold said that Tosh had seen the creature on several occasions and shot at it several times. Another man living a mile away had shot at it five times. It was always encountered after dark. He said the men who had seen it had shown genuine fright and some of them were moving away. The sheriff also mentioned that there had been reports of a shorter, but similar creature in Watova 13 months before, and repeated his concern about someone getting shot.

[A sheriff in Washington State admitted to John Green that he deliberately lied to the press about what one of his deputies had reported, because of concern about all the people who would be running around with guns.]

Fate Magazine
September, 1971, carried a report that several people around Oakwood, Oklahoma, Oklahoma County had seen a gorilla-like creature of huge size in the period from November, 1968 to January, 1969.

Near Watova, Oklahoma, a creature five to six feet high, built like a man but covered with hair, was reported seen in August, 1974.

Then in September, 1975, at Noxie, there was a sighting that resulted in a great deal of publicity.

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