Bigfoot Encounters


June 20 , 2001

Peawanuck, Ontario, Canada. - Footprints measuring 35 centimetres long and 12 cm wide have been spotted in this native community on the south shore of Hudson's Bay, and the chief of the Weenusk First Nationhas only one explanation: Bigfoot.

"It's definitely not a bear," Abraham Hunter said firmly. "I looked at them. They were six feet (two metres) apart, walking."

News of the prints, first spotted June 9 by a band member riding an ATV through the bush, soon spread through the community of 250 and the hunt was on for the mythical ape-like beast.

But in a region where wild hairy beasts are expected, the fascination didn't last long. "There was curiosity, people going out there for about three days." Hunter said. "Then the novelty wore off."

The tracks were alarming enough to draw the curiosity of officials with the Natural Resources Ministry, who arrived June 14 to investigate and record the images of the footprints.

"We were surprised." said ministry official Brett Kelly, who admitted no one couldexplain what caused the tracks.

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