'Indian bigfoot caught on tape' claim
20 March 2002

Meghalaya, India
Two men in northern India claim to have seen the region's equivalent of 'Bigfoot' building a nest.The witnesses say they saw the beast on separate occasions and one says he filmed it.

Wildlife experts say the animal was probably a bear and officials have been sent into woodland to track it down.

The Straits Times reports the so-called Mande Burung was first spotted by Nebilson Sangma while hunting in the state of Meghalaya. Sangma said the animal walked like man, had built a "house-like nesting place" and lived off bananas.

He said: "After overcoming the initial shock, my brother and I observed this gigantic hairy creature for three consecutive days from afar."

His reports were backed up just days later by Dipu Marak who says he filmed it near its nest.

Footprints which measured 20 inches long were then found in the same area around the foothills of the Nokrek National Park, which is located in the Garo Hills district 2 kms from Tura Peak. The reserve is one of the least disturbed forest tracts of the sub-Himalayan ranges.

Story filed: 10:52 Wednesday 20th March 2002

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