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Close Call for Thomas Steenburg...

July 2006 -- Thomas Steenburg writes that he is okay after a mishap with his Rover 4x4 on a high mountain road near Lake Chehalis, British Columbia.

Steenburg explained that while traveling along a high cliff road, his 4x4 suddenly lost its steering. The vehicle veered off the ridge trail and went over the cliff and nosed into a small stand of trees over the embankment...

His life was saved by the trees, "another ten feet either way and it would have been a long way down," Steenburg said.

We're glad Steenburg is okay, but the Rover's prognosis isn't so great. Evidently the incline was sharper than the images show because the wrecker was dragged backwards during the recovery of Steenburg's Rover .

Such are the "close-ones" researchers encounter in the field besides the two-legged kind.

Reminds me of an incident a few years back when Daniel Perez ran his big RV motorhome over a cliff in Bluff Creek, California, that one crashed and burned, literally. ...Photos courtesy Tom Steenburg

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