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In Search of the Iliamna Sasquatch...
Anchorage, Alaska 1978...
"Sighting of Iliamna Bigfoot sparks expedition..."
January 13, 1978 -- The Anchorage Daily News is mounting an expedition to investigate recent reports of a Bigfoot in the Iliamna area.
Anchorage Daily News columnist Jim Repine and Sports Editor Bill Wilson left this morning for Iliamna where they hoped to talk to eye witnesses and local residents to have reported the existence of a Sasquatch in the area for years.
The most recent sighting of the Bigfoot was Sunday night when the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) station coordinator Jim Coffee encountered a creature more than eight feet tall moving quickly through the rain and snow.
"It nearly ran me off the road," Coffee reported. "I ain't never seen anything like that before.  I don't believe in those things, but there it was."
Coffee said he fired several rounds from his revolver at the creature, but he didn't think he hit it.  However, a woman living nearby reported that the Bigfoot had torn down her laundry.  She figures that it needed bandages.
A series of 24-inch tracks were found along the road leading to the FAA station.  "It looked like a moose walking on its hind legs," said Coffee, a five year resident of the area.  "It looked like it was wider at the butt than anywhere else, that's why I say it looks like a moose."  But, he said, it definitely wasn't a moose, no horns (no rack)
Other reports said the Bigfoot left a trace of "Nearly purple" urine.
"I don't go to church too often, but then I don't drink too much on Sunday either," said Coffee avowing that he was sober when he saw the creature.
Repine, who guides in the area has offered a $1,000.00 reward for clear, authentic photos of the beast provided they are accompanied by evidence no harm was done to the Iliamna's bigfoot.
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Source: Anchorage Alaska Daily News

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