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Is There Bigfoot in Georgia?

Coweta County, Georgia May 2006

Sometimes in this world there are certain things we just can't explain.

Ghost sightings, the loch ness monster, and what about big foot? Well, bigfoot, that's one we may be able to help you with. Did you know there have been over fifty bigfoot sightings in Georgia?

In Coweta County, the site of the most recent sightings in Georgia, we spoke with locals as well as a bigfoot researcher to find out if bigfoot really is living among us.

This video put bigfoot on the map. The 1967 video filmed by Roger Patterson in California brought the mythical beast to life. Believe it or not, just one year ago something similar was seen here...on Happy Valley Circle near Newnan, Georgia.

"We ran an article in the newspaper, saying man sees something do you know what it is." said Alex McRae, Times-Herald reporter.

Alex McRae is a columnist for the Newnan Times-Herald. He's written three stories about these sightings...a large hairy person walking upright. He doesn't doubt the eyewitness reports.

"These are reliable people. They're hard working, honest people with no reason to make these things up ad these incidents we're talking about happening months apart so it's not like someone said I just heard this let's get in on the action. " said McRae.

Eddie Ball now runs coweta county Emergency Management. He says it's been almost thirty years since he first heard about big foot. But it wasn't called bigfoot when worked as a deputy sheriff in the early seventies.

"They were interviewing me there at the sheriff's office and wanted to know about it and I said I don't know what it is. I had never personally seen it but I'm getting tired of chasing boogers on Belt Road all the time. Somehow it became the name of the thing the Belt Road Booger" said Ball.

But whether it's the Belt Road Booger or the Happy Valley Horror, there's been sightings all over the state. The closest one's to Columbus have actually been across the river in Russell and Lee Counties.

"There's a natural trail right through there." said Sam Rich, Georgia Bigfoot researcher.

Sam Rich runs Georgia Bigfoot dot-com. He also investigates sightings written into the website. That's where this cast of a track came Pike County, on Elkins Creek, 1997. But check out the track compared to gorilla and black bear casts. Quite a difference.

"I think it strengthens the argument and definitely points to the fact that the phenomenon is worthy of research. But whether or not there's actually a large undiscovered animal out there is something were still trying to find out." said Rich.

So does an eyewitness sighting convince you. Does this cast of a track convince you. Well, not even our researcher knows for sure but something is out here, but its not known exactly what that something is.

Witnesses can be called crazy, tracks faked, and video proof tampered with, but it makes for good conversation whether you're looking for bigfoot and sasquatch or boogers and horrors.

"I think the people who reported it were earnest in the fact they think they saw something or maybe they saw something but didn't see what they thought they saw." said Ball.

And if that makes sense, maybe this whole big foot thing is real after all.

And if you've seen a bigfoot or something you'd like to report. Georgia Bigfoot will keep your name confidential. They want to hear your story.

Just go to wtvm dot com, we've created a link to several websites that record bigfoot sightings.

Jon Kalahar
WTVM news 9 leader sky team

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