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A Commissioner candidate in Montana says he's seen a ‘Bigfoot'
The News Article is followed by Don Avery's own story....

Thursday, May 18, 2006 - By CHRIS PETERSON for The Hungry Horse News -- A Democratic candidate for county commissioner has another interesting facet to his life experience: A run-in with what he believes might have been a Sasquatch.

He also believes he's seen a UFO.

Don Avery, who was also a former Flathead County administrator, details his experiences on the Web site in posts he made in January 2005.

Contacted Tuesday, Avery confirmed that he believed he saw a strange creature in the woods of Washington State in the early 2000's near a mining claim he owns.

He said the creature was large, but not huge, about 6-foot-6 or 6-foot-8 and “real stocky.”

He said while it had hair like a bear it didn't make noises like a bear.

“It may be some type of essentially screwed up bear. But it didn't have the face of a bear,” he said.

Avery said Sasquatch, or Bigfoot sightings are fairly common in that area, known as Liberty, in the Cascades. In fact, maps have even been made that chronicle various sightings by a host of other folks as well.

“So I'm not the only weirdo in the woods,” Avery said with a laugh.

Avery said his wife has also seen the creature as well.

He describes in this entry:

“It has paralleled me through the brush when I have walked in to the claim. It likes to beat on trees with rocks and has even spent about four to five minutes hollering at my wife and myself. It has a voice like a youngster prior to puberty. It is very high pitched. When it breaks down brush while walking, it is very noisy. They cannot walk quietly through the brush. They are just too heavy.”

Avery said he has also seen tracks of the creature and he believes it may sit on the hillside and watch the traffic on the highway down below.

Avery also claims to have seen a UFO in Gig Harbor, Washington, in 1979.

Avery said he's not into the supernatural.

A Catholic, he goes to church on a regular basis. But there are things he's seen he can't explain.

“I'm not dreaming,” he noted.

He said his son first helped him set up a Web site,, but it has since been taken down. He said he was unaware of the blogspot entries, noting the postings were originally on the other Web site, which is now defunct.

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The commissioner's story: November 11, 1996


To update and give a brief review:
I was in view of one of these creatures twice on the morning of Nov. 11, 1996. I saw it and watched and walked by it twice while it hissed and hooted and grunted at me. I steadfastly refused to believe what I had seen. I was on my way to a mining claim that I owned that was about 3/4 of a mile in off the main highway. I liked to develop the claim and had been working on it now for a little over a year. If it looked like a Bigfoot, sounded like a Bigfoot, and moved like a Bigfoot, then it must be a bear. Right? For several years I totally ignored this experience until I was on my way to a meeting in Tacoma and had to drive right by the area. It was March of 1999 and the snow was quite deep. I entered the area and trudged down the road on snowshoes. The snow was fresh and the sun was out. It was a beautiful morning. I had walked in about 1/2 mile in snow that was 5-6 feet deep when I saw large, fresh footprints going across the road and up the hillside. Due to the deep snow, I saw no other prints that morning. These are very large feet with toe prints very visible. They were fresh. I tried to go up the hill after him, but I fell down and had a very difficult time getting back up.

Since that time I have made dozens of visits back into the area to leave food and try to get some film. I have shot a lot of tape on tracks. There are regular routes that they adhere to.
There are trails left in the snow where they have scouted miner's cabins and places where they come out at night and watch the cars go by on the highway.

I have lost much of my interest in the mining claim. Instead I leave an apple at five locations.
These spots are a little tough for the local varmints to reach and I always use the same spots. It has been quite a wild experience. I only wish that I were a lot closer. From where I live now, it is about a seven-hour drive to reach this location.

When I moved to Montana, I was involved in a gift exchange program with one of these creatures. I had a small seashell necklace on a tree branch that we would regularly move back and forth. I was also left a sandstone chunk at one location and a handful of woodchips at another. In addition, I have also been provided with a pile of scat. I was advised to collect it for lab analysis, but declined.

It has paralled me through the brush when I have walked in to the claim. It likes to beat on trees with rocks and has even spent about 4-5 minutes hollering at my wife and myself. It has a voice like a youngster prior to puberty. It is very high pitched. When it breaks down brush while walking, it is very noisy. They cannot walk quietly through the brush. They are just too heavy.

In October of 2003, I heard a noise near the creek down below my claim. I slipped in between the trees with a camcorder at the ready. I could hear a slapping noise in the trees across the creek. As I got closer, I could see the outline of the back of something large and furry trying to hide behind a tree. As I made my way closer, it took off through the brush. I was very disappointed. I hesitated and was surprised because for the first time I felt fear.

In August of 2001, my wife and I stopped at the claim and I climbed the hill and entered down into the adit to dig out a sample for panning. While I was down in the hole, I heard the car door slam. Later, I mentioned the incident to my wife. Her response was that she exited the car because she heard me call her name. Not true said I. I didn't call you and I rarely call you by name. In fact I don't remember when I have ever called you by name at this mining claim.

I keep trying to find a rational explanation for this event. If true, then it would explain why we never see one of these creatures draped over a fender. They literally pick us up. They know who we are. They are brighter than we are and have some abilities that are developed way beyond any level that we can comprehend.

I keep trying to keep the relationship alive and have been able to stop by and leave some apples several times a year.
Don Avery
Kalispell, Montana
I am a semi-retired former City and County Administrator that is presently in the Flathead region of N.W. Montana. We are originally from the western Washington region.

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