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February 22, 2003

Residents of Barrio Perón claim having seen it in the early hours of January 13th

Three residents of the Juan Domingo Peron neighborhood, locatedin this city's periphery, claimedhaving seen the strange, two-meter tall biped whose existence has kept all residents of Rosario de la Frontera on edge after surprising, terrifying and detailed accounts by people who claim having been attacked by the strange beast.

The new reports were from Demetrio Villalba,43; Eleuteria del Carmen Alvarez,72; and Nelida del Valle Matarena, 53: who in spite of living in different parts of the residential subdivision and not knowing each other, made almost identical descriptions about the creature they had seen at around the same time in the morning hours of January 13 of this year.

They all agreed on having been reluctant to speak out "for fear of mockery" and stressed that their decision to come forward stemmed from the case having acquired public notoriety.

The initial reports on this animal, described as a fierce plantigrade of large size and humanoid mien, were reported by rancher Rogelio Martinez some 2 years ago, who has since then made numerous reports about the beast devouring his animals on a recurrent basis.

Reports on sightings and traumatic encounters with the animal intensified in recent days, according to reports by El Tribuno in its two previous issues. Pedro Villalba, who resides at Soldado Madrid 245 in Barrio Perón, siad that "in the early hours of January 13, alarmed by the barking and howling of the dogs, I looked out the window and saw it. It was an enormous hairy animal. I couldn't believe it. It was walking on two legs and waddled from one side to another, waving its arms, which ended in thick, curved claws. The dogs growled, barked and howled, but did not dare attack it. It suddenly broke into a run and became lost in the wilderness."

Eleuteria del Carme Alvarez and Nelida Valle Marearena, mother and daughter, offered an analogous account: "The time was approximately three in the morning. Our dog howled desperately, spinning around, and was peeing herself out of sheer fright. We went outside to see what was happening and we saw it: it was horrible. Enormous, with clawed hands and covered in hair from head to toe.

We were almost paralyzed with fright when we saw it, because at a given moment it turned its head toward the window we were looking through. However, it kept on walking, turned at the next block toward the east and we didn't see it again, although we could hear the dogs howling throughout the neighborhood--they had gone crazy.

If we didn't mention this before, it was out of a sense of shame [and not wanting to be] dismissed as lunatics. But now that the story has come out and other persons have seen the same thing we did, we've decided to tell our own experience to see if our accounts can assist in solving this enigma," said the women.

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Translation (C) 2003. Scott Corrales with special thanks to Christián Hernán Quintero.
Article courtesy Peter Guttilla, Jim Rowland and many others.

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