Logan County, Dayton, Ohio
June 24, 1980

Logan County Officials investigating
"Bigfoot Sightings Scare Socks off Pair" by Bill Fox Daily news staff writer

Bellefontaine - - Does Logan County have a Bigfoot stalking its wooded hills between West Mansfield and the Union County Line?

Sheriff's Deputies are investigating a sighting by an off duty Russells Point Police Officer who said he saw a seven foot tall hairy animal in his barn yard Sunday night and a similar report from Union County last Tuesday.

A mammal research team from Lima is assisting deputies to determine whetherit is a Bigfoot or a bear who prefers to walk upright. Ray Quay, a Russells Point Police officer who owns a small farm on Twp. Road 132 near West Mansfield said he was "surprised and dumbfounded" about what he saw Sunday night. "I was unloading 8 pigs I had bought about 11 p.m. I shut off the light in the barn and went around the corner to see what my two dogs were raising cain about. They never bark when I'm around."

"I stepped around the corner of the barn and saw this hairy animal. I thought it was a man so I hollered at him. It took off and I've got some weeds out back I haven't mowed and they are waist hight or highter and the creature went throught them with no problem," Quay said.

Four deputies searches the area but found nothing. Deputies said that last Tuesday Patrick Polling who lives on County Road 142 in Union County east of West Mansfield was cultivating a field when he said he spotten a creature walk out of some woods and stride along a road near where the farmer was working.

Poling said he walked over to try to get a better look at the creature but it ran back into the woods. Poling's description was similar to that of the creature Quay said he saw. Poling said the creature wqalked upright all the time.

The Lima research team, A Non profit organization took measurements and a cast of three claw marks found on the Union County farm. The claw prints are about 40 inches apart. The claw mark has 4 toes and measures 16 inches by 4 inches, deputies said.

Posted by Ron Schaffner
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