Bigfoot Encounters

The Dreaded Wild Men of 1934

Strike Fear Into Indian Children
Chehalis Tribes Claim to Have Seen Hairy Men Who Live in Caves and Subterranean Caverns.

March 3, 1934 - Harrison Mills, British Columbia Canada (C.P.)— Indian children stayed close to their mothers' apron strings, for the fearsome "Sasquatch" had returned to spread terror through peace-loving Chehalis tribes.

Stories of these hairy creatures, men and women, are among the weirdest of the tribal legends; but none had been seen for 30 years until it was whispered recently through the Indian lodges that the dreaded wild men of the Chehalis hills were again "on the prowl."

Then Frank Dan saw a "Sasquatch."

Investigating the persistent barking of his dog at night, Dan came face to face with a hairy giant who, according to Dan, was tall and muscular, prowling in the nude. He was covered with black hair from head to foot except for a small space around the eyes.

Dan ran breathlessly into his house and secured the door. Peeking through the window, he saw the giant stride leisurely into the nearby bush and disappear.

The Indians say the Sasquatch dwell in caves and subterranean caverns on the borders of lakes in the mountain fastnesses. Many strange tales are told of the appearances of the elusive people.

A Chehalis woman related that, when her husband was returning from the hunt with a score or more of ducks he had shot, a Sasquatch stepped out of the bush and took the ducks from him—except one, which the giant stuffed into the shirt of the frightened Indian.

Printed in The Lethbridge Herald
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
March 3, 1934 page 4


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