Footprints on Mount Valin Trois-Rivières, Québec

Sunday 02 September 2001
Parc provincial des monts Valin, is located 30 minutes north of Chicoutimi, Quebec
Article by Martin Tremblay
The Daily newspaper, Montreal


The scientist Yvon Leclerc remains convinced that it is about a unique discovery

CHICOUTIMI (MT) - " We have just made a single discovery and we are opposite a phenomenon which comes out of the ordinary one. According to expertises' which I carried out, using the print run by that who made this discovery, we can affirm that it acts well a being alive on the Valin mounts. For the first time, we have a scientific proof between our hands and there is no doubt that it is an animal of which the foot measures 18 inches, which could weigh in the 250 to 300 pounds and which moves on two legs. According to my deductions, it would be about famous "the sasquatch," this is the one called "bigfoot." "Here are surprising declarations made last Friday, by Yvon Leclerc, a scientist of Our-Lady of Mount Carmel, in the sector of Three-Rivers.

It is within the framework of an exclusive interview, granted to the newspaper Progress-Sunday, that Yvon Leclerc agreed to make the light on this discovery which had been published in our newspaper, Sunday, August 5 2001, and which had caused many comments, all skeptics, it goes without saying. For this man of science, the discovery of a forest technician of Saint-Fulgence is of first importance. " It is quite obvious that such an information will make start many people, but the case of the " sasquatch " is not new and of the researchers, as well known as the American Grover Krantzs, doctor and professor at the University of Washington, and Marie-Jeanne Kauffman, doctor and professor with the Academy of Science of Moscow, make mention in their search of it. It is in 1967 that the first prints of this animal were raised. In 1969, the same description was raised in Washington. In 1990, Doctor Barbara Malloy speaks about another presence in Vermont. In 1999, it was in Ontario. "On the other hand, it is the first time at Quebec that we have the chance to have a print authenticates very revealing which enables us to establish certain irrefutable scientific parameters. When I saw the moulding of this print, for the first time, I was persuaded that we were in the presence of this famous " big foot ". I subjected this print to one as of the my brothers, who is an orthopedist in Quebec, and this last made only confirm the authenticity of this print which has all the characteristics of a print of foot an alive being. "

Appraise smear
According to Yvon Leclerc, it is the application of the method of the smear which enabled him to make this surprising observation. " the method of the smear (word which is found in the Larousse dictionary) are very known and the children make use of it to make transfers. I thus posed a silk sheet on the print and I traced lines, using a lead pencil. The revelation was a whole shock because the image, which is arisen, is the counterpart of the plant of a foot which has all the characteristics of a trace left by the passage an alive being. " I am the only expert in alive prints in Quebec and it is easy to know if it is about a falsified print. The movement which one detects on this print of the Valin mounts is very revealing. I am able to make the demonstration of this expertise in front of all the people who would wish it. I am in possession of all documentation available on this subject and I have results of search which can show that we are in the presence of a phenomenon which was already identified for a long time. For search on the sasquatch, it is a discovery of foreground."

Parc provincial des monts Valin, is located 30 minutes north of Chicoutimi, Quebec.
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