Bigfoot Encounters

Big Foot sets foot in the Queensland rainforests
By Eugenie Navarre

13 JUN 1993 -- STORIES are rife in Far North Queensland that the Yowie or Big Foot may be alive and well in the towering World Heritage rainforest.

Charlie Bochow, of Julatten, owns a shack on Mount Spurgeon, behind Mossman.

About 5 km past his isolated rainforest retreat Bochow discovered strange footprints.

Mr. Bochow and his son were inspecting an abandoned bulldozer when they noticed huge footmarks with four toes and what appeared to be a claw extending from them.

“We couldn't believe our eyes,” the footprints went from the creek to the dozer,'' Mr. Bochow said.

Forestry worker Alfred Morris, of Ravenshoe, recalls the encounter he had on the Windsor plateau behind Mount Molloy in 1983. “ I was up in the scrub and it was late in the afternoon when I heard a cough and a roar-type noise,'' he said. “It was real eerie. “The scrub suddenly went really quiet. You could have heard a leaf drop. The last time I heard a noise like that was in a circus. I've never heard it before in the bush and I've never heard it since.''

Mrs. Claire Noble of Tully said there had been a number of sightings in the area during the past 30 years.

People who have seen them say they are six or seven feet tall, smell like stale urine and make a screaming noise.

SUNDAY MAIL (Queensland)
Edition 2 - STATESUN 13 JUN 1993, Page 022
Library Heading: MONSTERS
Article courtesy Roger Thomas, UK

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