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Gray's Harbor, Washington August 1969

"British Columbia's best-known Sasquatch hunter is convinced the latest sighting in Washington state was a true Sasquatch."

"'There is no doubt about it being real,' said John Green, publisher and editor of the Agassiz, B.C. Advance. Green returned from a one-day trip to Grays Harbor, Washington, where a deputy sheriff reported seeing a mysterious beast. Green said he does not have time to pursue the hunt but is encouraging other Sasquatch buffs to go into the heavily-wooded area."

"The deputy, whose identity has not been released, told Green he saw the animal in the middle of the road at 2:35 a.m., while driving home from work. He said the animal was not a bear. It had no snout, and its face had a leathery look."

"It was seven to seven-and-a-half feet (2.2 to 2.4 meters) tall, and weighed about 300 to 325 pounds, he said. It had hands with fingers, and feet with toes."

"The deputy told Green he photographed one track at the edge of the road, and it measured 18 1/2 inches (46.25 centimeters) long. The animal walked upright." (See the Vancouver, B.C. Sun for August 2, 1969.)

"Many citizens of this region (Nordegg, Alberta, Canada--J.T.) are convinced that a band of hairy creatures, of humanoid type, lives in the nearby Rockies."

"A merchant of this town (Nordegg)--situated 120 miles (192 kilometers) southwest of Edmonton--has the intention of setting out on an expedition which will seek 'the Abominable Snowman of the Pacific.'"

"'So many people have seen them, and we found so many tracks that I am convinced that there is something there,' disclosed the citizen in an interview at the end of the week."

"The most recent eyewitnesses of these anthropoids are five men who are working on a vast builders' yard at Big Horn Dam, on the North Saskatchewan River."

"According to one of the witnesses, Mr. Floyd Engen of Eckville, Alberta, the creature measures some 15 feet (4.3 meters) tall and is of a dark color, probably because of his hair, and also has sloping shoulders."

"The Chief editor of the Agassiz Advance, Mr. John Green, thinks that this anthropoid is a Sasquatch, weighing five tons."

Agassiz, B.C. Advance 1969
John Green's interview with Verlin Herrington, August 7, 1969

Article courtesy Anna Jahns, N. California research

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