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Sasquatch Return Frightens Indians In British Columbia
Nov 28, 1941 -- VANCOUVER, B. C.—(TP)—The Sasquatch is back again.

All through the Harrison river valley Indians are excitedly discussing the reappearance of the legendary hairy giant of the mountains.

Three canoes of Indians arrived terror-stricken at Harrison Hot Springs after a flight from Fort Douglas at the head of the lake.

They announced that the Sasquatch is on the rampage.

Jimmy Douglas and his family were among those who say they saw the monster. They claimed that the Sasquatch was at least 14 feet tall, about twice as tall as the average member of his so-called "species."

Prof. J. W. Burns, who has made a study of Sasquatch lore, believes that it is quite possible that the giant was the same one who was sighted a week previously at Ruby Creek, 40 miles away.

The Indians are very sure that it wasn't a big bear they saw. They said the creature walked on two legs like a man.

Long Beach Independent (Long Beach, CA), 1941-11-28, p. 13.

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