Yeti Murder in Khumbu, Nepal

Khumbu, Nepal
May 1998
Came across an interesting tid-bit on the Lonelyplanet homepage. Have a look at this, and note the last two sentences of the second  paragraph:

"Trekking tip for Gokyo trekkers: try and arrange your schedule to  spend a night at Mong La on the way to Gokyo, or on the way back. This tiny village is situated in one of the most breathtaking locations in Solu and sadly, the trekking guides neglect it. Himalayan sunsets down the Khumbu Valley are superb.

Also a local woman was murdered between Mong La and Dole on the 1st January, 1998. After much intensive investigation the official police explanation was - a Yeti attack - and was reported on regional radio as such. Take care in this area!"  

Tim Langmaid for Bigfoot Encounters

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