Wireless Flash Weird News : January 28, 2002
Ogden, Utah

Olympic Skiers to Tread on Bigfoot's Turf

OGDEN, Utah (Wireless Flash) -- Things could get hairy for skiers competing in next month's Winter Olympics - because they'll be treading on Bigfoot's turf.

Over the years, the Snowbasin ski resort in Ogden, Utah -- one of the main
venues for Olympic skiing events -- has been the site of numerous sasquatch sightings.

According to Utah-based Bigfoot investigator Ryan Layton, Bigfoot is "alive
and well in Utah" and pops up more often than most people realize.

In fact, he boasts that the state has as much Sasquatch activity as Bigfoot
hotspots like Oregon and Washington State.

So should Olympic athletes expect to bump into a Bigfoot while swooshing
down the slopes at Snowbasin?

Probably not. Layton says the most recent eyewitness reports of the hairy
creature in that area happened in the early 1990s.

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