Man Hot On Trail Of Bigfoot Breeding Ground
  WILSONVILLE, Oregon (Wireless Flash) — A man from Wilsonville, Oregon, is stuck between a Bigfoot and a hard place.

46-year-old Sasquatch researcher John Hartwick believes he's close to finding a breeding ground for Bigfoots which is just a few miles east of Portland.

The supposed Bigfoot birthing area is near the banks of the Willamette River in a densely-forested area.

Hartwick swears that he once heard what he thought was a baby Bigfoot in the area make a noise that sounded almost like the word "Dad." The researcher believes some of the creatures have tried to keep humans from spying on their outdoor nursery by blocking dirt roads in the area and by hiding in rivers and stream beds.

Hartwick admits he's not too sure what he will do when he finds a Bigfoot because he has so much respect for the creature's privacy.

Wed 05-23-01

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