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Tri-State Bigfoot Study Group, December Ohio Meeting


December 2002 -- The Tri-State Bigfoot Study Group hosted its December meeting on the 7th. A total of 32 people were present to hear the main speaker from Vancouver, Washington, Mr. Larry Lund. But before Larry spoke, many things were discussed in the first half of the meeting.

Don Keating opened the meeting by going over and reviewing several newspaper articles of late, including the outrageous claims of Ray Wallace's family members that he had been the person responsible for the Bigfoot legend. Other articles covered recent activities on Vancouver Island, BC and alleged creature sightings in the U.K.

Afterwards Mr. Don R. talked about a sighting he had heard about during a morning radio talk show on December 7'th. The report he heard on the talk show involved a sighting of a Bigfoot creature either carrying or dragging a dead deer across a highway in extreme SW Indiana. Mr. R. had a map of Indiana and showed the location of the sighting. He also talked about odd sounds and 16" prints in the snow from several years ago on his Guernsey County, Ohio farm.

After intermission Larry Lund spoke.

Larry opened it up by commenting on the recent media blitz dealing with Wallace family members making the claim that Ray Wallace (recently deceased) had been responsible for many prints in the Pacific Northwest measuring 16" in length. These prints were allegedly produced with a set of wooden cut-out feet that he wore on his shoes and walked around making tracks with.

Lund played a video of which had four different pieces of material on it. The first of which was 14 minutes of the Patterson / Gimlin film, which was looped (played over and over and...) Lund explained that on the film there is at least one area that indicates that Patterson apparently stopped the Kodak Cine 100 camera that he was filming with that day as he filmed "Patty". However, he did not stop intentionally. It was accidental.

The next piece of video had to deal with the so-called "Labor Day Footage" from the Pacific Northwest that came to light in 1996. This is a lengthy piece of video that shows, at first glance, what appears to be a black colored Bigfoot running from left to right in an open field in plain view of many eyewitnesses. Turns out there was more to the film than meets the eye. It is an apparent hoax.

The third piece of footage was a 17 minute video tour of the Willow Creek Bigfoot Museum. This footage was taken by Bill Miller of Illinois and given to Larry.

The final piece of video was the very funny series of Kokanee beer commercials. These included appearences by the Abominable Snowman, Sasquatch, Ogopogo and Rene' Dahinden. The audience loved these!!

Overall the meeting and night was a smashing success!! Larry enjoyed himself as did everyone else who attended. I wanna thank Larry for coming to Ohio and speaking. Attached below is a photo of Larry speaking to the group.

Don Keating
TSBSG Chairman,
© Don Keating photo copyright, December 2002 - By permission

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