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Evidence Mounting that Bigfoot Inhabits Wilderness in Northwest

"Evidence Mounting that Bigfoot Inhabits Wilderness in Northwest" is from The Oregon Journal and apparently appeared in the local paper prior to Roger Patterson's appearance in Portland Oregon when he exhibited the PGF in 1969. Articles courtesy Jerry Riedel, Vancouver, Washington who found these articles inside a Bigfoot book while browsing in a Portland, Oregon bookstore.

"Evidence Mounting that Bigfoot Inhabits Wilderness in Northwest" By Marge Davenport, Journal Staff Writer March 11, 1969 (Photo copyright The Journal is captioned: "Plaster casts of giant footprints found in the northwest and Canadian wilderness are shown here by Roger Patterson who is out to capture one of the legendary giants. His movie film of "Mrs. Bigfoot," taken last year in California and British Broadcasting Company documentary on creatures filmed in the northwest will be shown at Coliseum Thursday and Friday.

When and if Roger Patterson encounters another Bigfoot, he intends to shoot it with a tranquilizer gun and capture it.

Patterson, ex ex-cowboy from Yakima, Washington is the man who made the movie film of a strange hair covered female giant in the Mt. Shasta area of California last fall.

[If this article refers to the famous Patterson film filmed on October 20 1967, then the actual date of this article must be 1968, not 1969 as hand written on this old article by the unknown original owner/collector. The journalist has the filming area incorrect, Mt. Shasta, in those days would have been several driving hours east of Bluff Creek. - - Mt. Shasta, California sits east of Interstate 5 which runs from the Mexican border north to the Canadian Border.- North-South]

His film has become the basis for a documentary made by the British Broadcasting Company and subsequent articles in Life Magazine and Reader's Digest, Argosy and the National Wilderness Magazines. The BBC film and additional footage of expeditions into western wilderness will be shown at Portland's Memorial Coliseum on March 13 and 14.

Early next week Patterson and three companions intend to go into the Cascades east of Portland, Oregon on the first of a serious of three "ape hunting trips" he is planning this year. Reports of sightings and footprints in this area from an Estacada logger, who claims to have seen the giant creature on three different occasions, prompted the Oregon expedition. Both Patterson and Rene Dahinden of British Columbia who has spent the last ten years hunting the Sasquatch (Canadian name for the creatures) are convinced the logger is telling the truth. Dahinden visited the area a week ago and inspected piles of rocks supposedly piled up by the mystery creatures as they looked for hibernating rodents.

After the Oregon expeditions, Patterson and the Northwest Research Association, which he heads, plan trips to Mt. St. Helens area in Washington and in the Mt. Shasta country in northern California.

In Portland this week, Patterson said he felt the search for Bigfoot is drawing to a close. "We know enough about Bigfoot's habits and habitats that we should be able to soon lure one into a position where we can capture it," Patterson declared.

He said footprints and sightings indicate the creatures frequent certain areas or pas through areas at specific times of the year. The expedition intends to use "animal distress calls" and scents to try to arouse "Bigfoot's curiosity." Patterson believes that most animals in the forest respond to a distress call even though it is from an entirely different species.

Although the question of whether Bigfoot really exists remains unsettled in the minds of most persons, Patterson says more and more scientists are impressed with the growing evidence about the creature.

Article courtesy Jerry Riedel, Vancouver, WA February 2003

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