Is The Wild Man of Central China related to Bigfoot?

1988 - The Pacific Northwest has Sasquatch, Northern California boasts many Bigfoot, the Himalayas their Yeti, South Carolina its Lizard Man, Louisiana had it’s Wookie and Southern California has a Zoobie creature.

Now comes scientific confirmation out of Beijing: The Wild Man of Central China does indeed exist.

Researchers pursuing the elusive creature have concluded from examining thousands of strands of hair that it is a high form of primate, a Shanghai newspaper reported. Chinese have recounted dozens of sightings of mysterious red-haired people in the mountainous Hubei Province but none have been captured.

People say the animal is elusive, very tall, covered completely with hair and can run quickly and laugh and scream.

Scientists using high-powered microscopes determined the hair is not that of a human and not that of a bear or an ape.

Associated Press Release
Published: Wednesday, August 3, 1988

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