Table Mountain, Fremont County Colorado, 1998

In April 1998, I was sighting in my new rifle at Table Mountain, Colorado when I found bigfoot tracks on the hill first and attempted to track the thing but to many rocks.

As I was walking back I saw the same tracks nearby Hwy 115 in Fremont County. There were four 22-inch long barefoot human-like tracks laid out in a single line; 48 inches between each step. These tracks followed a deer path down a hill and crossed over a narrow dirt road. The road was very hard and the tracks on the hill sunk in the earth about 2 to 3 inches. The tracks on the road were not impressed because of the hardness of the ground.

Dirt tracks were left on the road in a bare foot form with 5 toes aligned across the forward part of the foot, not unlike human tracks but wider.

It is one thing to read about these things and study them it is another to see these tracks. To ponder and evaluate the size of a biped creature that left them. It really gave me a jolt to see the toes and then to actually measure and see how much ground the creature had covered with it's four foot stride.

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From the 1998 database of Bobbie Short

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