Wild Men in Spain
Early June of 1993


SPAIN, June 1993 --A group of speleologists prepared to spend the night at the ruins of a church near Collada de Vallgrasa, in the Catalan Pyrenees of Spain.

They heard strange noises resembling those of an enraged cat. When they came close to the church's large doorway, the speleologists saw a frightened, weird, shaggy creature, 1.5 meters (5 ft.) in height, flee from the building.

The wild man appeared again in a wood between Farga de Bebié and Ripoll (Gerona).

There, two "hairy beings" pounced on a pair of paleontologists, who ran away from them.

(Año Cero, 40). Sergio de la Rubia-Muñoz,
© The Info Journal, Winter 1995.
Source: Jean Roche, France

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