Bigfoot Encounters

Throughout the Kiamichis,
folks are reporting sightings of Bigfoot


HONOBIA, Oklahoma - Folks who call Little Dixie home say the region in southeastern Oklahoma has a new resident-one whose footprint measures 15 inches long and 7 inches wide. From Honobia to Smithville, from Battiest to Octavia, the word is out. Bigfoot, the reclusive and possibly fictitious manlike monster, has migrated into the Sooner state.

"A lot of them think it's a big joke," said Linda Martin, who runs Clancy's Country Store, a popular gathering place in Honobia on the LeFlore and Pushmataha county line. While most people would scoff and laugh at the notion of a hirsute critter roaming across the Kiamichi mountains of southeastern Oklahoma, Martin isn't laughing. She said she has seen the fabled creature's giant footprints. She also claims to have heard a tape recording, revealing a whistling-like sound that resembles an elk's call, only louder. "It's pretty believable," Martin said.

She also said she has heard the stories from locals who claim to have seen Sasquatch with their own eyes. They describe a tall, hairy creature who resembles a man more than the typical ape. And they've gotten people riled up around the Kiamichis. A Poteau paper reported that Smithville residents had a town meeting to discuss the sightings.

State forester Jim Langdon said his rangers have been inundated with calls from residents who are curious about the sightings."This is a little wilder than normal," said Langdon, who has lived in the Kiamichi area since 1982.

Previous to these alleged sightings, any so-called proof of Sasquatch's existence focused mainly on western reports ranging from northern California to British Columbia. In 1967, a Yakima, Wash., man named Roger Patterson attracted international attention with a 16 mm film of a female Bigfoot taken in northern California.

The last reported sighting of a tall, hairy, manlike creature roaming in Oklahoma was in 1971 in El Reno. But that beast was dubbed the "Abominable Chicken Man" because of its hunger for a farmer's chickens.Tim Humphreys, a lifelong resident of the Kiamichis, said he started noticing the strange screaming and odd-looking creatures in the woods about three years ago. This winter, though, Bigfoot supposedly got up close and personal with the Humphreys. One creature went so far as to stare through a window of the family's home,"scaring the hell out of" Humphreys' 3-year-old daughter, he said."They had been beating on my house, scaring my kids playing in the woods, yelling and screaming and scratching," Humphreys said. "They spilled meat out of the freezer."

The closest contact may have come in the woods when Humphreys said he saw four at one time and shot one of them. There is no proof of a body though. Martin said surviving Bigfoots conveniently carry off and bury their own. Humphreys said he has photographs, but he is not ready to produce them. "People are going to say what they want to say; I'm not in this for the recognition," Humphreys said. "I didn't go out looking for them."

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