Bigfoot Encounters


By Mary Migliore, Union Staff
Springfield, Massachusetts Morning Union
December 31, 1976

HOAX: - The 1977 Agawam, Massachusetts 27-inch long footprints were hoaxed by
teenager David Deschenes, at the time 16 years old. Police found and confiscated
two 28-inch long plywood boards that had been constructed to look like feet with 5 toes.
See second news item -

Investigated by Ron Schaffner, Creature Chronicles


AGAWAM, Massachusetts. - "Bigfoot" remained at large Thursday in a wooded area off Moore Street, but a New York investigator says the 27-inch footprints left by the creature could be authentic. "The prints look good - but "Bigfoot" tracks are a dime a dozen...we really need to see him," said Lee Frank, who reportedly travels all over the United States investigating sightings of the legendary animal.

Frank and other trackers spent Wednesday night camping in zero temperatures beside the footprints in the snow, but failed to spot a 7 to 12-foot monster on the prowl by Westfield River. "Bigfoot" investigators also planned to spend Thursday camping in the woods in hopes of spotting the big fellow.

"Whatever the tracks are, they merit further investigation," Frank said, adding that it is impossible to determine at this point how the tracks were made.

Agawam Police have called off their "Bigfoot" team for the time being, but dozens of interested residents are continuing to visit the site of the huge tracks near Robinson State Park.

Marianna Cascio of Agawam, who asked Frank to conduct an investigation at the site, said she believes the tracks are authentic and belong to a 1,500-pound giant. But no fresh tracks have been spotted since the first prints were discovered Monday evening, and she said the creature may have left the area.

Police, who say this is their first investigation into reports of a monster on the loose, still maintain they have no idea whether the five-toed tracks are that of a legendary ape-
like mammal or the work of a prankster.

© Springfield, Mass. Morning Union; December 31, 1976
This article courtesy of: Ron Schaffner

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