Despite skepticism

By MINNIE WOODRING, Staff Writer for Wyoming State Ledger, Lander, Wyoming

Interest in Bigfoot, or the creature two boys saw last week, has extended to the west coast.

Norman C. Davis, owner of radio station KCVL at Colville, Washington, called about it and then sent a picture of Sasquatch, the legendary creature, and information put out by the Sasquatch Research, Richmond, B. C.

Tom Hernandez, 13, one of the boys who saw this creature last week, said it sure resembled the picture.

Davis said he had contacted Peter Byrne, head of the four year-old International Wildlife Conservation Society in Washington, D.C. and Byrne is planning to look into the story here.

There are these facts: The two boys, Tom Hernandez, 13, and Kurt Leininger, 13, did see something that scared them, the horses they were riding were also spooked and became almost unmanageable, a horse that died two nights later was mutilated in an unexplainable fashion, and the dog at the Abeyta place, last Saturday night, set up a frenzy of barking for about two hours, for no apparent reason.

Cliff McCart, who lives at Ray Lake, said, "I paid no attention to the story and nothing is different here. Our dog hasn't made any noise and I haven't seen any tracks or anything out of the ordinary. I don't doubt something frightened the boys, though."

Mrs. Bob Laird, at Mill Creek said, "We just laughed at the story. Bigfoot has been an Indian legend on the reservation from way back. Probably the kids saw something, but we aren't afraid. I haven't heard of anyone moving because of the story." She said she would ask her son if he had heard of anything.

George Abeyta, Tom's grand-father, said, "I would really doubt Tom except the fact that the horses were so spooked. Horses have no imagination. The boys saw something that scared them." Others were skeptical but were more inclined to view it as something funny rather than a hoax.

Lanny Wagner, manager of the Grand and Diane Theatres, said he has been able to get the film, "Bigfoot" and it will be shown at the Diane next weekend. This was of the creature spotted in northern California.

At any rate, something has happened on the Reservation last week, unusual enough to merit

Copyright: Wyoming State Ledger, Lander, Wyoming; Thursday, August 31, 1972
Article Credit Source: Ron Schaffner

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