Winnipeg Free Press, Canada
August 2nd, 1998

Prince Albert, Saskatchewan - The discovery of a footprint a third of a metre in length has members of a Saskatchewan reserve looking for signs of a creature steeped in aboriginal legend, and wondering if it is tied to the disappearance of a bull.

The prints were spotted July 26 on the Beardy's and Okemasis First Nation by Janet Gamble.

"When I noticed the footprint, I looked around to see it again, and stepped all over another print," Gamble said.She and her husband Dennis contacted the RCMP, the Univeristy of Saskatchewan.

"The RCMP told us they couldn't do too much else (unless) something serious happened like a mutilation," said Dennis. "The anthropolgy department didn't seem very much interested," he added.

Archie Baptiste of the Red Pheasant reserve told them it was caused by mistysen. Baptiste said mistysen, which translates
to big man or big person, are legendary creatures which do not go near people.

Eugene Gardypie, a friend of the Gambles doesn't understand why the RCMP aren't involved.   "Early in the spring, a nearby
farm had a bull go missing, it was later found dead with several bites taken out of it," he said, adding another bull disappeared last week.
Dr. Eugenie Vanderkoff, MD
Prince Albert

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