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Bigfoot Gumshoe Hangs Shingle in Yukon

Whitehorse, Yukon - CBC News: Tue, 18 Apr 2006 13:36:06 EDT

A man from Whitehorse with an interest in the unexplained has started a sasquatch detective agency.

Red Grossinger, who founded the Sasquatch Yukon organization, promises he will seriously look into any sasquatch reports in the territory.

For thousands of years, sightings of large, two-legged ape-like creatures have been reported in the Yukon and other parts of Western Canada, the U.S. Pacific Northwest and as far away as China.

But if they exist, the animals have proved extremely elusive. No undisputed evidence has ever been found of a sasquatch, an aboriginal word meaning "hairy men." They're known as "Bigfoot" in the United
States and "yeti" or "abominable snowman" in the Himalayas.

Grossinger says he was inspired to start the group after a report in 2005 of a "bushman" in the area around Teslin, a village about 160 kilometres southeast of Whitehorse.

He said the incident made it clear to him that sasquatch investigators in southern Canada knew nothing about the many sightings in the Yukon.

"They were lacking information about this part of the world so that's why we decided to team up with the people in Alberta mostly to do more research at this end," he said.

"Now summer is coming and more people will be out hiking and such, so with a little bit of advertisement we should be able to find more and check it out, do some actual research and investigation."

Hair tufts were found in an area where people reported seeing a sasquatch near Teslin, but DNA tests showed the hair came from a bison– a finding that led many to dismiss the sighting as false.

* FROM JULY 25, 2005: 'Sasquatch' hair belonged to bison

Grossinger insisted that the bison hair had nothing to do with the creature spotted by people in Teslin.

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