Bigfoot Encounters

Standing Rock Sioux Reservation has long
history of the Big Man

Bismarck Tribune, South Dakota 1977

Lt. Verdell Veo of the Bureau of Indian Affairs Police at Little Eagle, South Dakota holds one of the many plaster casts of the Big Man's 5-toed, 18-inch footprint cast in 1977.  Lt. Veo poured casts of both the right and left foot imprint in different positions; one imprint was cast where the Big Man jumped down an embankment on the Reservation. Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation straddles the border between North & South Dakota and is famous for the massacre of General George Armstrong Custer at the Battle of the Little Big Horn in 1876. As an aside, Julian Gothard reported for the Examiner that what was left of Custer's flag sold at Sotheby's Auction on December 11, 2010 for the sum of $2.2 million dollars.
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