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The Determination of Collected Hairs
Re: The 2000 Skookum Cast
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October 4, 2000: This is what the late Dr. LeRoy Fish had to say about the hair findings:

"I personally spent several hours today with Dr. Wolf Henner Fahrenbach.  Henner is most congenial, and fun to talk with; we both enjoyed becoming acquainted.  Henner showed me his office, and laboratory facilities.  He showed me how he samples a representative cross section of the collected hairs (23 examined out of 58 potential hairs collected of which 31 were plant fiber) These hand-delivered hairs were pre-sorted by Jeff Meldrum, Ron Brown and myself yesterday.  The samples that Henner examined were taken randomly from each of the five sorted lots of wildlife hairs, both from the mud wallow on the mountain before casting and all those that we collected from the layers of mud adhering to the cast or actually imbedded in the splash coat of the original cast.

We did not sample the plant fiber lot.  Henner categorized each hair as Ungulate, Carnivore, Primate; he explained and showed me the characters of each in the light microscope.  Characters pertaining to the anatomy of the medulla (inner core usually stacked dead keratinized cells), cortex with cuticle (outer overlapping scales, also dead keratinized cells), and characteristic pigmentation, and relative size (microns) for each animal species that we encountered from the mud wallow.

Of the 23 hairs examined: 15 were ungulate, 6 were carnivore, 1 was primate (likely PNW Sasquatch), 1 plant fiber.
(the primate hair could also have come from any one of the BFRO's members on site)

Remember, that this wildlife wallow had tracks in our casting area that included: Pacific Northwest Sasquatch, Black-tailed Deer, Roosevelt Elk, Black Bear, Coyote.  Hair from each of these species was identified today among our collected samples."

LeRoy Fish
Wildlife Biologist

Here is what Henner had to say on the matter:

Wed, 4 Oct 2000 00:42:12 EDT
Subject: Update

Dear Bobbie,

I had a visit today from a participant of the sasquatch print expedition (Dr. Fish; lives between Eugene and the coast). He had lots of hair samples and a good digital video record of the cast. The cast is complex and large, but has some excellent heel prints in it (4" wide) and apparently shows ample dermal ridges on other parts (edge of the hand?). The muddy area was evidently an elk wallow. The hair was mostly elk, plus bear, other carnivore (coyote) and one hair that matched my sasquatch hair collection. The Discovery crew did not tape the sasquatch call, only the teaser broadcasting! Dumb, huh?

Talk to you soon. 
- ---
Ten  years later, August 2010, Fahrenbach recalled it this way, which is excellent testimony to keeping track of previous recollections although there tends to be no discrepancies or errors in Dr. Fahrenbach's recall.

"The Skookum story is a long way in the past and all I remember [is] that the one or two hairs that came to me from it had no compelling value.  I don't even remember if it came out as Sasquatch hair, but I dimly remember that it didn't. In any case, my Sasquatch hair collection, which contains only what I consider authentic examples, does not contain the Skookum case." Dr. Wolf Henner Fahrenbach, August 29, 2010 BigfootTimes September Issue.

Dr. Fahrenbach is a retire Marine Biologist with an interest in microscopy & BF hairs.


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