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UK Yeti Hunter Bill Grant, what ever happened to him?

From the files of the Forres Gazette of Wednesday March 23, 1983

High altitude stake-out – Butterscotch pudding and porridge – that's the diet on which Yeti hunter Bill Grant is keeping up his strength as he prepares to settle down for a high-altitude stake-out for the Abominable Snowman.

Writing to the 'Gazette' from his lofty Himalayan perch, the Moray explorer describes plunging temperatures and worsening snow conditions as he and his party of Sherpas leave the sun-baked lower slopes and head to the high country.

Bill, who lives at 68 Findhorn Bay Caravan Park, is on his third attempt to uncover evidence of the Yeti. Last time he sat out in the chill Himalayan winter, he nearly died through lack of food and severe weather conditions.

That was 16 months ago, and since then he has been fighting back to health before taking another "stab" at his dream – to prove that the Yeti exists.

Sending his last letter back by Sherpa "runner", Bill explained that his team had successfully negotiated their first major hurdle – the 11,500-feet Lamjura Pass.

"The butterscotch pudding and porridge keeps us warm as temperatures drop," he said, "but we are all in good spirit and looking forward to the climb ahead. The first snows have been reached, and I have been passing out the extra clothing the expedition carries to keep my party warm.

"It is extremely exhausting walking at that altitude, but I am feeling well and looking forward to the first of the remote valleys."

The explorer ought to have reached his preferred area by now, and will spend the next few weeks camped out with the minimum of gear and native help in the hope that the Yeti will make an appearance.

"I am surrounded by sceptics," he added, "but I'm still convinced that the only way to prove that the Yeti exists is to sit out quietly in the kind of remote territory he would use and wait for a chance encounter."

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